Unwelcomed Salutations/Dreaming Nightmares

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This is one of the poems I've written thats actually I've written recently yesterday. It's kinda related to me dream I had then of what I think I would become in the future if I did do drugs or if I ever drank.

Submitted: June 11, 2009

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Submitted: June 11, 2009



darkness fly past the richness of my star bitten eyes
looking through them was solemn faith
one step, two steps, three steps closer
through the following night
looking in the sky, shan't ever be required again

looking down, scared, frightened of whats happening
crying, trying, failing to scream
but nothing came out
knowing that this is nothing
knowing that this is a chamber of secrets

I haven't been trying to look for this
nor it would be worth the trouble to find it
but it found me, and it took me in
at first, I never knew it took me in that much
because it was an image of who I once was

my movements weren't fast enough
I always kept running away
knowing that I can't run
I keep seeing things
though I'm limited for my learnings

this place was lackadaisical for my fail health
and this spot was the only place that I have yet felt well in
the pain began to erupt like a thousand pieces
one by the last, simple, little, bit of it, growing
just as much as my heart yearned for you, crying

holding the last rose that was given to me
long ago it turned black as my heart
I threw it to the ground, waiting if it would be vibrate in colors again
it crusted into the dirt-bitten grounds under my feet
wading in the sickening vision that was once my dream

I never understood what it was doing here
the copper-smelling liquid of mine just dripped on my once sky blue shirt
many drops were seemed to be droped and now I only see my battle scars
there was one that I couldn't give away and wished for
but oddly enough I was proud of what happened to me, though it never seemed to be me

laughed at for so long seemed to lost it's taste in fear
then again I never felt anything from them
my once neon green pants absorbed clear liquid thats not my doing
thus wondering what will happen next
will my true callings be this near?

many questions popped in my head, but I chose to ignore it
est be okay, little one? one person said
I knew this person was lying, but est said nothing much
This person, I said, you know me well enough to know now
then calling me to ignore him was a no good little such and such

I was happy when this person said that to me, because it was a fault
does this person play too much games, you asked? I'ld say nay
though again this is my deepest possibilities that this person might be
but I cannot say whom, because I know someone already knows me
so, after all of this, can you really say that this isn't a dream as well?

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