Some Advice.

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An elusive woman named 'Shi Angel' has been giving out advice. That's when people start disappearing. Maybe they're taken out of their houses at night, maybe they're forced in the morning. But whatever the case, someone is bound to have noticed.

Submitted: February 27, 2013

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Submitted: February 27, 2013




There it was again!

That name! Or was it a name? Was it simply an alias given to this unmistakable shadow figure? Shi Angel. Death Angel.

Who would listen to the opinion of a young woman with such a dastardly name? Everyone. Everything. But something wasn’t right.

It seemed like everything revolved around her! No one even knew the lady! So why would anyone give her the time of day?

Let me further explain my deep hatred for the woman.

She is an advisor. I don’t hold anything against people that give advice but this is a whole different case.

Once she started giving advice people started disappearing. I don’t mean disappearing in that fantastical sense that we are all given as a young child, that wonderful thought of being taken to a blissful no where land where you can frolic in the sun all day. I mean something deeper. Those thoughts that you refuse to think because they put you in the dreadfully emotional state of mind? You know what I’m talking about yet?

I’m talking about disappearing in the sense of these people were taken out of there houses, blood splattering the walls. You could tell they had been dragged out by there hair because of the matted clumps the police would find laying around.

I can’t exactly pin the blame on anyone but ever sense the entire world has turned to the elusive Shi Angel for advice it seems as if there’s three cases a week. Just in my town, and I live in a town population forty thousand!

This all started with a cheerleader…


McKenna was at school bright and early one day as all days going through her normal cheer routine in the gym.

Today something was slightly off kilter. A flier sat alone on one of the bleachers.

Unbeknownst to the young girl was the emotionally draining aura surrounding the flier.

She picked it up all the same and read over it qickly.


It listed a phone number.

The blonde sweetheart stared long and hard at the paper contemplating her choices. McKenna finally decided to call the number, formulating something she needed advice on as the cell phone let out its shrill rings.

“Shi Angel.” Was the only thing the advisor said as she picked up the phone.

“Are you the advisor?” McKenna asked turning the phone on speaker.



Stupid, stupid McKenna! She started all of this and now I had to fix it! Well I guess I was being a little overdramatic by saying I in particular had to fix it. If anything the president should fix this but for all I know Shi Angel’s telling him what he should do with America!

This was unprecedented! Never in the history of America had we been so gullible!

I’ve never called this mysterious lady before because I don’t want her to brainwash me. I mean, putting it simply she has to be doing something wacky to their brains.

Nobody gets addicted to a person that fast.


Lea Sand-Brooke listened to her ‘locker-buddy’ talk to the infamous Shi Angel. The girl went on and on about her problems, sometimes stopping to listen to advice.

Lea thought over her options. She could figure out her problems herself or get sucked into all of this nonsense.

McKenna, the most popular girl in this school, had been the first one to learn about Shi Angel, word spread fast that this mysterious woman gave the best advice she had ever heard. McKenna never shared details but all the same people listened to her.

Lea gave up, buckled under the pressure and grabbed her cell phone. She dialed the numbers she had traced so many times before.

“Shi Angel.” So the reports were true. Shi Angel said the same thing every time she picked up the phone.

“E-excuse me? I think I could use a little advice.” Lea admitted shyly.

“Ask away Honey and try to make it quick I have… five hundred forty-two calls waiting.”

Lea gushed to the woman all well Shi Angel smiled widely.

She just found another one.

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