The hollow tree

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This was a small assignment where the teacher gave us the first paragraph. Anyway it's just about a boy who falls into a little predicament with ZOMBIES.

Submitted: February 25, 2013

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Submitted: February 25, 2013




There was a man who was lost in the forest. Night fell and he didn’t know what to do, but just before the light went out completely he found a hollow tree. Climbing into the tree he settled down and decided to spend the night there. Climbing into the tree he settled down and decided to spend the night there. After a while, he thought he heard a voice. He was about to call out when he heard another voice, and for some reason he remained silent. There was something strange about the voice, and for some reason he remained silent. There was something strange about the voices, something which made him want to stay silent.

Now don’t get me wrong Alex was a bright guy (ranked top in his college math class) but this was almost an out-of-body experience. Alex listened closer trying to decipher what the lyrical voice was trying to tell him. Alex didn’t know how but somehow he knew that what this voice had to say was important. But no matter how hard he tried it sounded like a different language! Until…

“Think… Life… Cliff… Crazy… You…”

Alex didn’t give it a second thought before falling asleep. In the morning he pushed himself out of the tree, he will admit it was a tight fit. Suddenly Alex remembered the happenings of last night. Alex started going over the words again and again but could find any way that they could have been connected. He kept walking and walking (aimlessly he realized about halfway through) and suddenly Alex came to a cliff as he started to hear the strange voice again. Alex passed it off as dehydration and sat on the edge of the cliff looking down at the ravine below. Hmm… Alex pulled something out of his pocket, his cellphone. Alex shrugged and dropped the Nokia down. He waited and waited but never heard an audible thump. Alex started to stand but a dull pressure was on his back. It got harder and harder. Finally Alex tripped.

He fell forward over the edge of the cliff. The ground rushed towards him quite fast as though the world was moving around him. The ground grew closer and closer still until finally… He didn’t die.

Alex kept on falling into a pure white world where he finally slowly stopped falling. Alex whipped his head up to look around but there was nothing to see. Just a vast sea of endless white. Alex heard the voice again.

“Cliff… Yes… Closer… Come.”

Alex was entranced by the voice that seemed to be that of woman’s. Rather young too. He walked in the direction he thought it was coming in and slowly made his way to nothing. His beat up blue sneakers padded along the ground until suddenly he stopped. Alex felt as if he was pressing his body up against glass. He tried to focus his eyes onto one section of white but it was like trying to pick out the particles of water. A figure appeared and Alex had to rub his eyes just to make sure he wasn’t seeing things. The figure had a very slow gait… Almost too slow to be human, but still Alex waited for it to come closer.

At last Alex could make out the first few details of the Ghostly person. They had white papery thin and long, very dirty, brown hair that cascaded past their knees. He couldn’t focus in on much more except for the fact that they were wearing something that had quite a bit of red on it. A stale coppery smell pierced his nose and Alex took a step back. Blood.

This person had blood on their clothes! What a ghastly sight! The figure grew closer and closer yet. Soon Alex could tell it definitely wasn’t human. They ‘thing’ had ripped and mangled features, the high cheekbones were actually showing, and their eyes were a light green but filmy… Eyes of the dead? No, it couldn’t be! Zombies only existed in movies right? Were Alex thoughts but nothing could stop the monster and soon enough a high pitched hum was emitted from it. It wasn’t a pretty sound like you’d imagine humming to be. The simple shrill voice gave Alex Goosebumps and chills.

Alex backed up more but the creature gained on him. Alex turned and ran but soon faced millions of them. There was nothing he could do, no magic spell to get out of this, no words he could utter, no potion he could drink. This was the end of honors student Alex. All he had to call his own at the moment was his industrial strength Nokia… Wait! The Nokia! Alex felt rather silly that he didn’t look for his phone before. Alex dashed past the walking cadaver and towards a familiar black speck. He picked it up and dialed speed dial thirteen well still running.

“Hello?” His best friend Josh said answering. “Oh wait one second I’m getting another call.” Alex sighed as Josh merged calls so the three friends Alex, Yuki, and Josh were all talking. “Hey Josh!” Yuki said in a bright and cheery voice. “Josh why are you awake at three A.M? Were you sleep walking again? You too Yuki why are you up?” Alex’s eyes widened as Yuki jumped into a long discussion with Josh about why he was up.

Is this a dream? Alex thought to himself. Well, I’m dead anyway. Josh thought as he turned around slowly walking back to the undead. The short brunette walked into the crowd and suddenly bolted upright.

In bed, with his Nokia in his hands. Well, that was an exciting dream. Alex heard something else then. A small voice.

“It… Is… Not… Over… Yet… Alex.”

Alex immediately pulled the covers of his small dorm room bed over his head ignoring the voice. It didn’t matter anymore anyway. At least he sure did hope it didn’t matter… Unless the world was being taken over by humming, talking, female cadavers… No.

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