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A poem of a loving mother.

Submitted: October 09, 2011

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Submitted: October 09, 2011



It was so sudden that you live in my tummy

I didn't know you we're the're and i was a careless mommy

But then I was delayed and I felt strange

I know there's a life inside that i can't change.

At first I really don't want you.

I tried to find way to get rid of you.

But you we're so tough just like you daddy

And I was able to love you more than anybody.

You are my child and I should have known that from the start.

I was so happy that you we're kicking inside me.

Simple song can make you so happy

And you're favorite person is your daddy.

But why baby?

Why did you leave mommy and daddy?

Only four months to go

And we're able to hug you.

I'm sorry it I tried to get rid of you.

I'm sorry if I didn't accept you earlier.

Your daddy wants you,

but I thought he didn't.

Why did you leave us with a pain like this?

How can we simply start to smile

If there's no you in our life.

Maybe if you were alive.

We're be able to celebrate

Special occasion together

And live a happy life together, forever.


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