Love Does Not Exist

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So I was writing this and it wasn't suppose to be like a poem but I wrote a lot and I forget to press next and it erased it all): So instead of taking another 30-40 minutes I decided to write short
and small. I will be editing it later I just wanted to get this piece before the day was done. I hope you like what I have so far.

Submitted: May 25, 2016

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Submitted: May 25, 2016



I once knew a girl who was the definintion of beauty and love, she tore me apart and made me see people for what they truly are. She was not my first heart break, she was not my first song but she was my first true and that's where I started doing wrong. I pierce my skin so my demons are no longer inside me, I pierce my skin so my mind does not destroy my body. Why destroy my skin for her you ask? There are more reason, bullying, grades, etc but her words of "love" will always haunt me. Yes, relationships come and go but why must that be so? I do not want to waste my time for someone who is just going to lie. Love I thought was pure and good and maybe so but for one person, it cannot be so. One person must be telling the lie, one person must wanna pass your time, one person must be so evil and cruel to destroy your mind just as it was getting cooled by the thought of someone loving it. I am not the boy I once was because of her, I do not belive in love and happiness like I use to. I am still nice, I am still sweet, I am still the worthless peasant that serves the Queen. For I do not want anyone being destroyed by the false words of a person they love, for love does not exist except in heaven above. 

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