In My Last Wake

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This is a poem I've written for the Fall season and of course my poetic influences for this poem: SH2 - A Letter from SH. The original version of the poem was suppose to be about a killer giving into repentance accepting his fate.

Submitted: October 12, 2012

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Submitted: October 12, 2012




In a world where pain and sadness turns into hate

My life in judgement, in latent debate

The lies I see before my eyes

In my last wake I gladly abide


Reminiscences of the past flicker across screens

The feeling, unbearable like a bad dream

After so many years of regret and sorrow

I had decided to give into acceptance, today not tomorrow


Here I was at the last moments of my life

A staircase to nowhere, Undying fires burning bright

As I ascended each step of fiery repentance

I felt the pain I’ve inflicted onto others, with no further amendment


Soon I knew it’d all be over

Pain I’ve torn apart from lovers

My soul was locked in hell forever

Regret I’d be for now and ever


I’m here now… 

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