The Love I Thought I have

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How foolish a person would do for LOVE...

Submitted: August 31, 2010

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Submitted: August 31, 2010



I did everything for you.
I would skipped school just to see you.
I would sneak out of the house just to fulfil your promise.

Yes,I'm in love with you.
And Yes,I'm obsess with you.

I don't care what people say.I don't care if you're a gambler,drug dealer,gangster or anything of a bad influence.
The truth is,I've always admire you since the day we met and you're always good to me.

They don't know who your really are. Inside you're sweet,kind,caring and everything no one had ever seen in you.
No one's ever given you a chance.
At least that was what I thought.
At least that was what i thought...

They said I'm crazy to be in love with you.
They said you'll ruin my life.
What if I am and what if you will?
How can i know anyway,I was blinded by love.
I would never bother to listen to them.

When the day you finally noticed my feelings,
You came up to me, didn't hesitate to ask if it was true.
It shows that you care..
you care right?

"I like you too,"you whispered to my ear as you embraced me.
I almost cry.I've waited so long,and now...
I'm finally with you.

People's first impression of our relationship was that they suggested it won't last long.
or I might fall into your bad influence as well.
but I doubted it .

For my love is true and pure..
i don't care what's getting in my way,
as long as it was for you and with you.


" I don't want you to see him anymore!He's a bad influence to you.Look at what he had dragged you into!".

When my good-for-nothing parents found out that very night you wanted to meet me by the school.

You brought me to a place.
A scary dark place.
But everyone there seemed welcoming and friendly enough.

"These people are my LIFE!"you told me.
I didn't get it at first.But..
A glimpse of a small packet of white stuff was handed to you from a guy.
I started to get the idea.
"I owe you man!"you said to him giving him a pat in the back.

I stared at it carefully and was very certain of what i thought it was.
..none of me wanted to stop you as you open it.

..a loud siren was heard.

The news about the CEO's daughter of a the famous Trading Company was all around and spreading the next day.
As for her parents,they were very well ashamed indeed.

"If I ever see you with him again,you shall be disowned!"my father's words echoed in my head.
The confusion and hesitation on which decision to choose grew...
..though my love for him was still the strongest among all feelings.

Even if I'm disowned by such family who are never around me much,it'll wouldn't make such a difference.
I really don't care.

Without thinking twice and waiting any longer before I went crazy,losing my mind being stranded at home 24/7.. decision was finally made.

"Pick me up around midnight,"I told him on the phone as I pack my stuff.

And by midnight,I left the house..forever..
I didn't even miss a bit of it.

The last thing I remembered before leaving was the house cat brushing its fur against my legs.
It was pathetic that a cat would greet me goodbye instead.

You sure you wanna do this?"he asked,never in a concern tone of voice.

"I'm always sure,".

I lived with him and his sister who was never around that much.

School? I longed had left them,it wasn't my intention to go either since he quit too.

It was like heaven having to see you lover everyday when you wake up...
...but it didn't last long until..

"I have to leave,"you announced at your sister and I and the both of us flung open our jaws.

"I have to.For work,"you said.

It was hard at first to accept it not being able to see you like usual but you promised to see me as much as possible and would contact me everyday... much for words.

It was only during the first two weeks you kept that promise before you seldom does it and eventually became very rare for me to call you,let alone see you.

You were always busy you said and yet with my naive heart and thoughts.
I believed you.
Although rumors about you cheating behind me were already spreading. long as my heart say I should love you then I should.

..I shouldn't have though.

It was not long when your sister decided to move out and live with her boyfriend and she refused to hold any responsibility of the house.

I had to work my feet off to pay the rent,feed myself and live while you,from what I heard,were enjoying life.

I became desperate for I seek help of my best friend during my school days.She helped me and I owed her my life for she had done a lot for me.

She let me stay with her and found a better job for me...I am very grateful to her.

She asked me about you one day..

"I thought I had him.I thought he love me.I thought he care for me as much as I did for him but.."tears started to flow from my eyes down to my cheeks as ii urged myself to continue the most painful part of it,"..I found out he had married another girl who had his child,".

It was bitter indeed and a painful pierced in the heart for I had left everything for him.I had done tons to be with him that is leaving my family who had raised me,my school in which I hoped I hadn't quit for I was one of the top students...
...and most of all... dignity!

I had ruined my own life and future for you.I wasn't thinking wisely because of the love I felt for you.

Now I'm alone.
With no one loving me.

It's stupid..


..I will never stop loving you.

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