The Disease

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Jessa, a girl who is like other girls until the apocalypse. Some would just call it blindness, but others know that it is more than just some blindness. You are able to create your own world with all of your items useable. With all the negative and positive effects, and the handsome Dylan to help her live, will Jessa have able to survive this, or will she go insane from this disease?

Submitted: July 04, 2013

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Submitted: July 04, 2013



The Disease By Thalia Armstrong


 My life was pretty normal, and had been for a while now. With what I thought was enough, including a guy named Dylan, everything was going well. I am Jessa, and I am a victim of the apocalypse that affected many people. It all started way back maybe a year ago, when I got a really painful, what I thought was a headache. My parents took me to see a doctor, but I did not see him, because at first it was blindness, as they said. They, the doctors, had never seen something like this before. The first question they asked led to the answer.

 "What can you see?" one doctor said. I thought about a couch, and it appeared when I opened my eyes.

 "I see a couch, with polka dots on it," I replied and pointed to the couch. I could hear them gasping, and the door opening. Someone who was not a quiet walker came in.

 "I will take it from here," the man said. The other doctors left the room, and I could feel my mother clenching my hand.  "Do you know what is wrong with our daughter?" my mother said, while crying.

 "Yes I do. Your daughter has a new 'disease' that has only, lets say arrived here about one month ago."

 "Will she be okay?" I could tell my father was scared when he said that.

 "Yes, she will just have to stay at a new home." Those words were scary to hear.  My parents arranged with the doctor to have me stay at a special place where the ones like myself go. When I was on car ride there, it was boring because I could see nothing at all. I remember imagining some wild african animals running by the car as we drove along. Arriving at the place was especially weird because someone poked me with some sort of needle, and I could see everything.

 "Follow me please," said the man who was from the hospital. I trailed behind him, but was close enough in case I would get in trouble or something.

 "Why can I see you?"

 "Thirty minute antidote. There is about 50 other people that have used the same thing. It lets you see the real world for as long as we need."

 "Okay," I was still confused. "But what will happen in thirty minutes?"

 "You will be in your room,  Miss Jessa." what did he mean by room?

Soon I figured that out when there was only five minutes left.

"You will be in here for as long as you have this disease. See you then," were his final words to me as  I went into the room, and have been here since that day. I don't remember his face,  or my parents faces,  but I do know that I do remember what the outside of this building looks like.  


So that is my sob story to start this one with, but I am not done yet. Back to now, I have been able to create my own world how I want, and I can use the furniture as if it was real, also I don't have to eat, which is weird. About Dylan,  he is a person that I have created to be my perfect guy. I will not go through the list, but long story short, he is a year older than me and he understands a situation better than anybody I know. Speaking of Dylan, he is supposed to be visiting me like he does almost every day.


 "In the living room,"  I told him. He was looking better than usual, which was strange for him.

 "Nice to see you Jessa."

 "You too. So what's up with Dylan since I last saw you?"

 "Nothing, you never know when it will happen, you just have to stop worrying about me," he said like he usually has lately. This has to do with him 'disappearing', which really bothers me.  I don't know why Dylan will say this,  but he cannot leave, I love him.

 "Dylan, you can't leave, because I need- I mean like it when you are here, it keeps me from being lonely."

 "So you need me? Looks like Jessa has a crush on me," the word 'crush' was way off what was really going on.

 "No!" I snapped at him.

 "Well see you tomorrow then." after he left, I went to my backyard and saw a boy walking through houses. It was strange because I had never seen him before.

 "Hey, who are you?" I called to the boy.

 "Oh, you must be Jessa. My name is Manny," that name certainly did not ring any bells. He gave me a special watch to wear, which had a lot of buttons.

 "What does this do?" I asked.

 "Press the number two button," so I did, and now the world was from the medieval times.

 "This is amazing Manny. What did you do? Are you new?"

 "The doctors have new technology that does things like what I just did. It has improved since you were put in here obviously. I am new, they gave me that antidote stuff, told me about you, and threw me in."

 "Are there are more people with this disease now?"

 "Sadly yes."

 "How long have I been in here for?"

 "Two years."

 "Wow that is a lot."

 "Yeah. So, can I build a house in your world?"

 "Sure, I guess."

 "Be back soon," he said, and changed it back to my world. I went inside and started folding some laundry.

 "Knock knock," it was Dylan.

 "Come in," he sat on a couch.

 "I saw your new friend Manny today, he looked jealous."

 "Okay, wait. How was he able to see you if I created you?"

 "Actually you didn't create me, Jessa."

 "What do you mean?" he was really confusing me now.

 "I am like you, an actual person, with the disease, but my senses of the real world are coming back to me, and don't worry because I am terrified. It is scary being in one place, then another." so that is what he meant by soon disappearing. "And your friend Manny has actually been here longer than you."

 "But he said he was new."

 "He is, but to this room. Since this room was set to you, he obviously was not able to see your progress that you have done."  

"But wouldn't he have his own room, like the one he showed me?"

 "Jessa, more people are getting the disease now. The doctors are running out of rooms for new people, so they are combining the older victims,  like him, with new victims, like you. Does that make sense?"

 "Yes, but what about this watch?" I gave it to him and he examined it.  "He must have made the watch. The doctors don't even know about this type of technology."

 "But Manny said-"

 "Forget about what he said, he is lying to you. He probably doesn't want the doctors to find out about this."

 "Can the doctors see what I am doing?"

 "Yes. They are able to see what you see through your eyes and are amazed by your progress."

 "Okay. So I have been thinking about what you said earlier."

 "What part? The crush part?"


 "And it is true?"

 "Yes. I have liked you for a while Dylan."

 "Um, I have to go now," he left and I could tell I made him uncomfortable.


 "Later, she's in there Manny," what was Manny doing here?

 "Okay," Manny came in and he looked excited.

 "Fancy seeing you here."

 "Yes. I am finished my house," he replied with joy.

 "Can I go see?"

 "Sure. I will wait here for you." I left and found his house, but how was he able to do a project so fast? I was in love with the whole project as soon as I went inside, but how? The most random room was the office. It looked nothing like the rest of his house, and the best part was the program Manny left open on his computer. It was called 'Build your own World'. No wonder why he was done so fast, the stupid program let him cheat, which would be perfect for me. There was an option to move to divice, so I did, and it transfered to my watch. My miserable days of making one item a day was over. Heading back over to my house made me feel great, especially since I had the power to be 'God'.

 "Did you like my house?" Manny asked.

 "Yes, I did."

 "Well, I have to go, so bye."  

"See ya." After Manny left, I moved the program to my computer, and a video popped up saying: Welcome to Build your own World, press start to begin building.


For days I was building new things, adding on to old ones. It was distracting me from Dylan,  until one day he came to my house unexpectedly. I was trying to stay awake on my computer, but when I tried to stand up, I passed out. According to Dylan, he arrived and put me on the couch shortly after I passed out. When I woke up, he was sitting by me.


 "Jessa! Thank god you are awake."

 "How long did I sleep for?"

 "Over twenty-four hours. What were you doing while I was gone?"


 "You should go outside, or just talk to me," just talk to him? What did he mean?

 "Just, talk to you?"

 "Um, yes. I was worried about you Jessa, it's not normal to sleep for twenty-four hours."

 "Why were you worried about me?"  

"Because I care about you. I love you Jessa." Oh please tell me Dylan is not lying.

 "Really?" why was I all of a sudden nervous?


 "I, um, feel the same about you, Dylan."


 "Yes," confidence level up ten points! He put our hands together, and our fingers intertwined. With his other hand, Dylan lifted up my chin lightly so I was looking at him, then he started to move closer. He kissed my forehead, then my cheek. I knew at that moment what the next move was. His eyes closed as he got closer, so I closed mine, then our lips touched. That was a kiss that was my first, and I will never forget it.

 "I have to go now dear," Dylan said as he left.

 "Goodbye," after he left, the most bizarre thing happened. I closed my eyes for a bit, but when I opened them, everything was white. No houses, no streets, nothing, just white everything. Alarms started going off, and people in white suits came in a secret door and pulled me out. The room I was put in looked like a laboratory.  "What is going on?"

 "Jessa, it sure has been a long time, hasn't it?"

 "What is happening?"

 "My dear, you are free, congratulations. You are healed, no more disease for you,"  those words brought me lots of joy, but noticed the devices all over this lab to keep up the progress with all of the victims. I was handed a phone.

 "What is this for?"

 "To call your family."

 "What family? I dont know anything about them anymore," well, I didn't rememver anything from the past.

 "Who do you remember?"

 "Dylan and Manny."

 "We obviously can't let you see Manny,  but Dylan is an option." He sent one of his helpers to get Dylan. When they came back, Dylan was confused.

 "What are you doing here Jessa?"

 "I'm healed from the disease."

 "What!" he gave me a hug. "That's awesome! Now what are you going to do?"

 "I don't know."

 "Dylan, may we have a word with you?" the doctor said.

 "Okay." They stepped outside of the room, and came back a while later, and Dylan looked surprised. "You seriously can't remember your family?"


 "Well what will she do doctor?"

 "Jessa, Dylan will help you remember your family, but first Jessa, you have to eat," right as he said eat, the pain hit me, which caused me to collapse.

I woke up with a full stomach, and I was at somebody's house.

 "Hello?" I called out.

 "Oh darling, you are awake," someone replied to me. That person came in with some cookies and milk for me.

 "Who are you?"

 "Jessa," Dylan started. "She is your Grandma, I brought you here to regain your memory."

 "You have to remember me Jessa," my Grandma said.

"Don't you remember my cookies?" I tried one, and she flashed back into my memory.

 "Now I remember you Grandma."

 "Thank goodness, must have been the cookies," she was delighted. I saw a picture of two people.

 "Who are they?"

 "People that you know, Jessa," Dylan said. "Would you like to see them?"

 "Sure. See you later Grandma."

 "Goodbye dear." We left and caught a bus to see those people. After the ride,  Dylan knocked on the door, and the same people in the picture opened the door, and hugged me right away, which brought back my memories of the my whole life.

 "Welcome home, Jessa. Thank you for bringing home our daughter."

The End.

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