Wolves Of Camphor

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Welcome to the islands of Camphor as we go on an amazing adventure.When Ailea(a smart,strong,fast,Alpha wolf)and her best friend Khamu(a funny,strong,responsable Beta wolf,get chased out of thier territory by an angry grizzly and must get back home to complete the ritural.But along the way,the two discover that they were meant to be...

Submitted: January 06, 2013

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Submitted: January 06, 2013



Wolves Of Camphor,


It was fall in the islands of Camphor. The animals roamed freely, hunting, grazzing, and running through the tall grass. Birdssang merrily as they danced through the air, their song becoming music as it entertwined with the chirping of the crickets. Insects buzzed around, bees polinating the abundant wildflowers.

On the Northern side of the island, was the Moonland Pack. Where most plants grow during the spring and where more deer and caribou thrive. Their pack leaders are Reno and his mate Taka. Together they both have their three cubs: Ailea, Naru, and Terra. Each one has a future in the pack. Naru, the oldest is destined to become head Worrior with their cousin Wildflower. Terra, the youngest is destined to become top Beta with Ailea's best friend Khamu. And finally, Ailea the miiddle oldest is destined to become Alpha female of the pack and another cub named Uru was to become her mate.

Meanwhile, in the Cubs Den three young wolves were currently playing and rolling around. "Guys, guys, guys!" their leader Khamu, shouted over the growls and whimpers of his playful brothers, and trying to escape the mock battle. When he finally escaped he went over to the other side of the den. He was laughing with his tongue lolling from the side of his mouth. Leo sat up and laughed at Taurus. Taurus got up and Laughed at Leo. Khamu Laughed at them both.

Some wolves didn't understand why Khamu acted like an Omega, when he was destined to be top Beta with Terra. He can't help that he likes making people laugh and cheering them up now and then. "You two are just so funn-"Khamu's attention turned to face outside the den. Three other cubs were playing tag outside the den.

Khamu new all three! It was Ailea and her siblings Naru and Terra. But his attention was focased on Ailea. He followed her every move. Leo and Taurus had came up beside him and noticed the focase of his attention. "Oh, not this again." Leo rolled his eyes. Khamu looked at him."What do you mean?!" Leo shook his head. "You exactly what i mean "Lover Boy." Leo chuckled. He and Taurus alwas picked on him about the fact that he has a crush on Ailea. Khamu growled and attacked Leo, making them go outside the den.

Suddenly, Ailea noticed the two wreasling. Her eyes widened at the biger,gray cub. "Khamu! Is that you?" she yelled happily. Khamu lifted up his head. "Ailea!" the two of them ran toward each other and huged each other. It has been a while sense they last saw each other. It was such a beautiful moment, until the started to wreasle.


Soon it was time for the pack to go to the rendezvous Site.... until next spring for the ritural



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