The money god

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Do you control money or does it control you??

Submitted: November 11, 2014

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Submitted: November 11, 2014



The money god

People praying to the money god forgetting the real God.

Prey to your money god to save your soul but what you serve is empty and hollow.
People worried about making more money to buy more.

To have more.

To want more money.

Have a good time on the physical plain and lost sight and concern for the afterlife.

Try to spend the money on the spiritual plain and you will be naked and void of worth.

God will see what you are and who you’ve served.

Fighting over a loved one’s money before they’re laid to rest six foot in the ground.

I see your soul in your eyes and all I see is dollar signs.

The soul is hungry but never is feed.

The cup is empty and hollow and never full.

It’s easy to see for me , that you reap what you sow for eternity.

Being near you and feeling how you are makes me sick to my stomach.

The draining negativity of them makes me feel like I could vomit.

Because I know your heart and discern from you and your hollow soul.

Because your cup is always empty and never full.

And I hope you learn from the error of your ways serving the money god that creates the empty soul.

I hope you see the holy trinity is the only way to make you cup full.

By nos482 01/30/11

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