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James Relic thought he had a perfectly normal life. Until his world was turned upside down when he discovers his parents arent who they say they are, and now he must travel the country with his two best friends, Oscar and Frankie, in order to find his parents, and figure out how he's connected to the the mystery of the 26 Makers! Along the way James must face the Police, betrayal and the scheming scientists who threaten to unviel one of the worlds oldest secrets!

Table of Contents

The Forgotten Secret

Chapter one: The forgotten secret!     Dear James,    By the time you read this we will be far wa... Read Chapter

Frankie and Oscar's Surprise!

Chapter 2: Frankie and Oscar’s surprise!   The next few days went quite fast for James, who hadn’t slept a wink ... Read Chapter

Bessie's Place

Chapter three: Bessie’s place!       “Are you sure we can’t just take a trip over there, for... Read Chapter

Its a long story

Chapter four: It’s a long story.     “Wake up boys, Frankie’s already washed, dressed and downstairs ... Read Chapter

A Christmas present to remember!

Chapter 5: A Christmas present to remember! Over the next couple of weeks, Frankie James and Oscar stayed at B... Read Chapter

The Visit to Boris Gruff!

Chapter 6: The visit to Boris Gruff! Next morning the three teenagers were up bright, early and most importantly packed. All ... Read Chapter

Lizzie's goodbye!

Chapter seven: Lizzie’s goodbye! The next morning flew by; they had managed to avoid seeing Lizzie all morning until lunch,... Read Chapter

Reported Sightings!

Chapter eight: Reported Sightings! It was seven o clock and the news was about to end, Frankie and Oscar were ordering half t... Read Chapter

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