Finding you - Chapter 5 Emma's POV

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13 year old thoughts written in Emma's point of view

Submitted: December 27, 2013

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Submitted: December 27, 2013



After it all happened I felt  differently about him. Since moving here. He's the one person I've really got to know.  From when I first saw him he smiled.  He made me welcome from day one. I knew he was kind and now, I know how kind he is, how caring he is,  he's extremely lovely, sweet, kind, what he has done for me is amazing, he's turned my tears into smiles, and turned brokenness into happiness.

Before I can here, I was quite lonely, now I can finally say I feel like I've found a friend, but I see him as a best friend who I have mixed feelings about, he has shown me true happiness, he has shown me how to be strong yet it's okay to show our emotions, he's taught me I am worth something. He's also made me, the person I am today. He's also made me question that I think I'm falling  for him.

I'm  going to be 14 soon. It's understandable to gain feelings for the opposite sex, he's different from the others I've know, the first time he hugged me I felt safe. He treats me well, I'm writing this now and these feelings I have for him are growing stronger. It's the first time I've noticed how extremely attractive he is. Now I'm looking at him from a different point of view.

He is tall which is really attractive he's like 5 foot 7 and he's still growing, he has lovely eyes too, you look in them and feel compassion. His smile is so lovely, it makes you feel warm. He dresses really nice too. He has great taste in fashion.  And his hair is great, it's soft when you run your fingures through it , and his accent is so gentle, the first time he said "hello!" To me I felt warm inside because he has the most lovely voice ever.

He's also really talented, he can play piano, guitar, and he sings, I've only heard him sing once because he gets quite shy when singing in front of people, but  blimey Matt has the most beautifulest voice ever. He's incredible smart, funny, he just makes me feel good.

Im reading it all back, I'm head over heels in love with my best friend.

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