Finding you - Chapter 7

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A lot had happened between the last time Matt and Emma shared their views, not with one year left of school she opens up to him about why she moved here.

Submitted: December 28, 2013

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Submitted: December 28, 2013



They were nearly 15, they  were still friends unknown of the feelings they had for each other, one day Matt and Emma  were sat on her bed in her room. She had a small room, it had all white walls, fairy lights covered the edge of the ceiling, she had no posters , just a few pictures. Emma and her mum, and Emma and Matt over the past few years since knowing him, the picture had room for another few pictures as they got older.

She had a tv, a few DVDs and a few books, she had a keyboard, a wardrobe, and in front of the wardrobe was the guitar that he bought her many years ago.  They were sat talking for hours, whilst  a cd they put a mixture of their favourite songs on played. They were just laughing about pointless things, her laugh was infectious it made Matt laugh. Are least they were happy.

they started talking about the first time they met. How much they've changed physically looking back at the photos, Matt and Emma have spent the last 4 years together, they've noticed the changes , they started of barely knowing each other. And now, they practically live together.

They then  got onto the topic of  why she moved here, she was saying about her old school. "It was dreadful actually, it's why I moved here, I just didn't feel safe when I was at my other school."

"Would it be rude to ask."  Matt said cautiously.

"Of course not." she leaned over and hugged him, she held on around his neck as his arms moved around her waist. "Well I was bullied for not fitting in being different to them. I was quiet they were too loud, I enjoyed learning they always wanted to skip lessons. I thought I needed them, the girls kind of used me. They'd whisper about me infront of me.  It hurt me, they saw it, they hit me, wanted me to smoke I said no so they laughed and pushed me around , they physically abused me."

A few tears fell down the face of Matt, knowing someone hurt her just like the way he was hurt, yet knowing  he wasn't their to protect her made him feel worse. He loved her that's why it hurt him so much knowing she was in pain. Emma just held  him, he opened up about his life was before she came to the school she was so shocked because, this year all the girls tried flirting with him because he is a very good looking lad, in that moment they shared a heartfelt sadness. In that moment they were their just for each other.

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