Never Meant To Be Together

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A Tragic teenage Love Story

Submitted: March 20, 2013

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Submitted: March 20, 2013



I look blankly out of my window and as I stare at the park in front of my house, two thick drops of tears leak out of my eyes. It's been like this, the whole of the summer. Maybe even worse. After staring at a couple in the park for a few moments, I turn away. then, much to my horror, the flashbacks of the past few months played before my eyes, that had been haunting me these days. 

I was in the school cafeteria, along with  my friends. The first day of school, it was. As I was busy in talking, I felt someone staring at me. I remember turning around and seeing a girl looking at me. A girl that seemed new at our high school. My dark brown eyes locked on her hazel blue ones for a moment and then she looked away, blushing.

She was beautiful, with attractive big eyes, radiant skin and exquisite looks. I recall getting up and moving towards her. As I went near, her beauty magnified. I took a deep breath, taking it all in for a moment, before sitting in front of her. I recall introducing myself, "Hey, I'm Derick, Derick Whibley." She smiled and answered shyly, "Umm...Hi, I'm Taylor Smith." A voice so soft and soothing that she appeared more delicate to me. We spent the recess together and then I walked her to her class. It was then when I realized I had fallen in love with Taylor. Love at first sight.

I recollect from my memories those golden days that followed since then. I was irrevocabely in love with Taylor. I had gone out with few girls before but it was never the same. She too was in love. We would spend the day together, sometimes in the park or sometimes somewhere else. We would sit under the oak tree in the park and talk. We would hold handsand walk in the streets. We would go out for cinemas and then dinners.

I remember how people looked at us with envious looks. They were jealous of us, of our love. But it only strengthened our bond. We were inseperable. I still remember the day when we carved our names on the oak tree: "Derick loves Taylor". She was my first love and my last love. I remember us talking about our future, our wedding, our life together. 

But that life, who knew, was never to come. Our ending was never supposed to end like we had planned. We were never meant to have our future life together, never meant to be married. It was nothing of what we had planned under the oak tree. Derick and Taylor were never meant to be together.

All the days we spent, all the memories we gathered of the two of us, all the dreams we dreamt together, all was shattered in a few moments. It just took a few moments to seperate us forever.

Taylor was At home when I came and rang the bell. Knowing that it was me she ran downstairs to open the door. I had Brought her some red roses. I waited for her to open the doorbut instead I heard her scream. A scream that gave me goosebumps. That made the hairs on my neck stand up. And then it stopped. I did not know what to do so I kept banging on her door. No answer. Then I called her mum. She was there in a while. She opened up the door with her keys. The scene that met my eyes ended up the whole of my world.

Taylor was sprawled on the foot of the stairs, her neck at an awkward angle. Blood covered the wooden floor. Her once gorgeous eyes stared life-lessly at me. I was paralysed and felt a lump in my throat. Hot tears began to flow down my face. The roses felt on to the floor as my grip on them loosened. Who knew that the roses that were brought to be kept on her bed-side table were actually meant to be layed on her grave.

It all came up to me like a video playing in my head, and I gasp as I bring myself to the present. I sat on the corner of my bed and glanced at the table beside the bed. A smiling Taylor looked up at me which lead to a fresh flow of tears down my face. I tried to stop them and to make my irregular breathing stable but my eyes kept on leaking tears. Tears that themselves were crying. Crying on my luck, on Taylor's luck and our never-meant-to-be-happy ending...

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