Why Allah Hasn't Punished You?

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I converted it from the lecture of shaykh from the The Islam Revival channel on youtube. Enjoy!

Submitted: January 16, 2015

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Submitted: January 16, 2015



“You know that child when you tell him not to do something and then ends up doing it, when you’re young, I remember when I was young, don’t do it and I end up doing and get a smack. And again, depends what mood your father is in, what mood is your mother in. The point I try to make is the moment you do something wrong, you get punished straight away. At school when you misbehave, you might get a warning or straight away punishment, whatever the punishment is. You know what freaks me out? Look how many times we disobey Allah (SWT), and yet we haven’t even been punished. You disobey Allah once, twice, three, four, five times, you might live for sixty, seventy years. Every single day of your life you disobeying Allah and yet you haven’t even received that smack.”

“Who handles that? Your own mother and father, first time, second time, third time I assured by the forth and the fifth time you gonna cop a punishment, whatever the punishment is. But you might be living for last thirty, forty years, every single day of your life you probably disobeying Allah not once, not twice. If you’re not praying then that’s five times a day you’re disobeying Allah. And yet, you haven’t even copped a smack.Yet you haven’t even seen the punishment. I’ve got an answer, don’t worry it is from the Quran.” Shaykh started to read Al-Quran verse.

“I want you to ponder over the beautiful words of Allah. Allah (SWT) says in surah Fatir, if Allah.” Sheikh stopped a while then continued, “ If Allah wanted to punished his servants over every single sin they commit, no one will stay on the surface of Earth. If Allah wanted to punish us over every single sin we commit, that’s it no one will stay because everyone is a sinner. But what does Allah say…” Shaykh started to read a verse. “Allah delays them. Allah delays them to the day that Allah (SWT) had ordained that he’ll judge. But ask yourself, ‘Ya Rabb, I have been disobeying You for years and yet you haven’t even punished me.’ You know the answer will be? ‘O My servant, I’m giving you a chance to REPENT.’ ”

“ ‘I’m giving you a chance to repent! SO REPENT! WHY ARE YOU STILL DELAYING IT? Repent! Why are you still sleeping on it? You’ve been disobeying Me for years! And every day of that year you disobeying Me maybe ten times and yet I have not punished you. Haven’t you wake up to yourself, WAKE UP! I don’t want to punish you. I want you to enter the Paradise, repent to Me.’ Look at the opportunities that Allah gives you. Have you thought about it? Ya Allah I’ve been disobeying me everyday for many years and yet you haven’t punished me, why? Because Allah says, ‘I’m the Ghafurul Rahim.’ Know and acknowledge that Allah is the Most Merciful and the Most Forgiving. Ask yourself that question. Ask yourself that question, what hasn’t Allah punished you for all your sins you’ve been commiting, for forgetting Him and neglecting Him. Why? Because Allah doesn’t wanna punish you. Allah doesn’t wanna punish you. Allah wants you to repent to Him and that’s why He’s given you that opportunity.”

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