Dark clouds is a piece I wrote amongst frustration at feeling as if I might never find...my .....one....my mate....the one who....completes me.

Dark clouds


Dark clouds rush over me.
A sea of endless Night.
A wall of dark clouds never ending, never beginning.
They envelop my mind and Soul.
They are thoughts deep within me.
I am searching for a man to take me out of my clouds.
A man to take my life and make it whole.
Help me ascend to the stars.
He will take my heart and soul and control me.
He will lead me out of the dark into a new light.
A light that is in a dark submissive world, that will shine bright.
My mind will soar with his control.
I will gain new wings to fly.
My body will learn to accept new ways of pleasure.
Who is this Man?
A Dom? A Master? A Soulmate.
He will Love, honor, and cherish me.
At the same time he will control me and teach me.
Will I ever know this man?
Yes, When my dark clouds turn to light.
And he finds in me my submissive heart.

Submitted: September 02, 2007

© Copyright 2022 AingaelEyez. All rights reserved.

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