Carole's Christmas Village

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This inspiration came to me as I walked by my nieghbors house every day. she was so happy about her new bay window and had been placing inside it a village of homes for Christmas. it is a semi true story (sota)(smile) meant for both kids and adults, hope you enjoy :)
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Submitted: December 07, 2007

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Submitted: December 07, 2007



Carole's Christmas Village

'Twas a woman named Carole

a hard working soul, in a quaint little town

at a nice nursing home.

Her children are grown, her husband and her

share a good life

in thier nice family home!

Staying busy each day with her mind in a breeze;

she couldn't make out her new thoughts

with much ease.

As she sat in her chair at the end of the day

she decided to decorate

her new window called


christmas was coming as it did every year,

yet she wanted it different, somehow better

this year.

So she unpacked a village of precious homes;

a church, a library, a barn with a dome;

A tea shop, a watch shop, and one general store.

It even had a railway a farm and what's more;

there were chicken coops, windmills,

a tree dressedup bright,

and all of this underneath

sparkling starlight's.

As she placed them inside of the window just so

she felt a bit of a warm winter glow.

That night as she lay on her pillow to sleep,

she heard a strange sound in her head

'but a peep'

So she listened intence in silence complete,

till she heard a melody almost too sweet!

To this sound she then fell fast asleep,

to her heart the vibrations

then didseep.

When she woke the next morning a buzz in the glory,

she drove off to work in a bit of a hurry.

As she spread the vibrations around with a smile,

the residents perked up in just a short while.

Everyone sensed something a little bit


All through the day was blessed with merriment.

Carole took some time out from all she was doing,

church duties and sewing,

she took time for


She took time to hear the Angels with cheer.

'Twas them she heard singing,

'twas them with bells ringing.

Now, Carole isn't the only one to hear the angels song,

to the little people it is said that these sounds belong.

To them it is said, those voices are read.

And they happened upon Carole's house one cold night.

'Twas there that they saw the small village all bright.

In the window they spied it with awe and dismay,

the village that Carole so preciously made.

They moved into the village that cold winter's day,

inside Carole's window they say is called 'Bay'

The next day they discussed what all of this meant,

What does God say with the angels He sent?

To this they decided to stick around for a while,

watching Carole and her transforming angelic style.

Doing this, doing that as she spiffed up the place,

And the whole town was a buzz with the goodies she made.

The home had new meaning as it lit up with cheer

to bring in the babe before the new year.

Now, I tell you the truth as I saw with mt eye

as I spied through the window

where the quaint village lie.

On Christmas Eve night before going to bed,

Carole gazed at the tree and the star on it's head.

The little people were peeking out windows and shops

as they sensed time was slowing,

close to a stop!

As Carole sensed their presence and startd to turn,

an Angel appeared from the side of the room.

Next to this Angel great sounds were omitted,

then slowly, the whole angelic choir manifested.

They had Trumpets, Violins, Bugels, and Horns.

Harpsicords, Drums, Tambourines and Trombones.

The Heavenly Orchestra played through the night

as time stood still that Christmas eve night.

The essence was there and then it was gone

yet Carole still hums there angelic song!

And they told her the reason they came there that night,

"You work hard every day with care and concern,

kindness abound, good graces you've earned.

Not until now did you hear the Lords Word,

though we try every year to thank you my dear,

but you've just been so busy

now don't shed a tear, but God sent us to bless you

He's proud of your work, He has no complaint

just one little quirk!

He asks that you listen and try hard to hear

when we bless you in song at this time of year.

The little people cried as they heard all of this,

so touching, so loving, till next year they'll miss,

Cause surely I know that they will be back

since one of them winked as they started to pack!alt

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