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This story I first wrote in 2003 but has been changed a little throughout the last few years. Some parts correlate to experiences I went through; The shooting star resembles life in the fast lane and not being able to hang on anymore. The jungle represents being homeless and living outside. the center represents the hospital etc, etc, etc.
The final part had to be added and changed since I hadn't experience that type of fanomina? yet(i know i didn't spell that right) antway strange of a story as it may be, I hope you enjoy--remember it's only fntasy-or is it?

Submitted: May 13, 2007

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Submitted: May 13, 2007



As I looked up to the sky one day, feeling empty, I started to pray.

I pondered life and wondered WHY? Then a shooting star flew by.

It drew me up into it's force soaring through the atmosphere.

The only thing I felt was fear, clinging to my life so dear.

Lightning flashed across the path which interupted it's usual course.

Falling through the air now gravitation made things worse.

I screamed a prayer, then magically, I fell into the sea.

I saw colors I imagined there could never be.

Teardrops like rain falling from the sky,

The colors of despair, pain, lonliness, and agony, amix in the sea of heavenly fantasy.

I swam ashore to a jungle deep and vast.

There were creatures of the future, and of the past.

Above me crazy birds winged like a bat, on the ground horned pigs with the face of a cat.

Bulls with dragon tails, horses that hissed,

Of corse the spotted monkeys couldn't be missed.

Deeper in, more stranger the animal dwelt,

Fighting and chaos is all that was felt.

All of a sudden I was being devoured, a snake with a fish face twas my final hour.

But no, as things aren't always as they seem, this creature is helping me to escape.

Into the quicksand; the route to take. He delivers me to the center for my own sake.

The center was peaceful, quiet and calm. there were others there too, I wasn't alone.

Rock gardens, sculptures, scriptures and song. Time could be short, medium or long.

Depending on concious awareness and such, time could be valued as if no tomorrows.

The shifting of conciousness through trance came quickly,

Because of the chemistry composition of rock and mineral.

Once inside a trance I was able to step outside myself,

And as a spirit being pulled debris away from my satral counterpart,

I began to feel light and surreal.

When this was done I stepped back into myself and imediately felt a surge of eneergy.

I was being drawn to a crystal rock formation. And as I touched it, it began to move.

It would reshape itself first into a whirlpool, and then into the ocean.

Out of this ocean appeared to me a whale, who came to me and said:

"Come, you shall learn and I will be your guide".

With I on his back, we traversed the ocean.

As we went I heard songs; Oh, so sweet! It was the whales and dolphins;

They were singing and my ears could hear what no others could hear.

The whale explained to me as the sound traveled, it filled the ocean,

And as they sprang into the air, vibrations filled the land.

Vibrations of peace, love and tranquility.

My mind felt a calm it never knew before.

My next encounter, was through the eyes of an eagle.

As we approached a small Island, an eagle circled above,

Then landed on a rock a short distance away.

He looked at me with piercing eyes that said:

With great wonder there is also disapointment;

With happiness, also madness; along with peace, chaos;

With enlightenment, closed doors; with freedom, imprisonment.

For all the love, there is also great pain.

In order to learn compssion, you must see the other side.

And he meant; Really, 'see' the other side. Are you ready? he said.

I wanted to look away, yet something in his eyes held me spellbound.

I stared into these eyes black as coal and could not look around.

Through them I saw bottomless pits and heard people screaming.

They cannot fathom what has happened.

All the chaos they caused on earth, they now go through.

All the pain they inflicted, they now feel.

Down endless hallways ae the guilt ridden,

So full of shame, they have formed cocoons around themselves.

All the greedy and selfish souls wonder around aimlessly,

With no love inside, there is nothing to attach to.

Lost souls cry out in fear. this fear is not real, if only they could see.

Through compassion, my heart went out to them.

I lost myself inside these eyes not knowing what to do.

Then understanding came to me, 'it is not mine to know'.

Just let it be just what it is: 'the making of ones soul'.

I shed a tear as I looked away; And then a tear of joy!

To my amazment, I could see; The world was looking back at me.

Everything was so vibrantm my awareness went so deep;

I saw the world that truly exists, and IT saw back at me.

I felt vibrations through the air that echoed back to me;

And as I breathed this living air--By God, THE AIR WAS BREATHING ME!

In awe, through glistening tears of joy, and color so immense,

I thanked the all of everything for opening up my soul.

I realized that everything is heavenly entwined.

All of time-infinity-and all of space combined.

that's all-hope you enjoyed


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