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A poem by: Mark Nichols - June 1960 - Oct. 2003
thought this would be a great time of year (fall) to post this because nature is so beautiful to "look around" and notice all the smells and sights and sounds. I hope you can somewhat draw in the message he intended. please enjoy.
I know he did - :) ps not a word, comma, or exclamation point has been altered, everything is exactly the same as he wrote it in 2003.

Submitted: September 15, 2007

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Submitted: September 15, 2007






When you wake up in the morn, thank the creator for allowing

you to wake up to another beautiful day. Take a few minutes, (simmer, if

you will) to thank him for the things you have in your life no matter how

small and paltry you think they may be. They are big to you here and now,

that is what counts.  Don't  think about what you don't have for you will

never be happy or content. Life is to short my friend to think about things

you can't take with you when you leave this glorious place we call earth.

That new car, that gold on your person, that big house, that expensive watch,

the new this, the new that etc...  Ask yourself, what part of your health,

thoughts, emotions and soul did you have to compromise for these earthly

luxuries? Are you truly happy? Or is it what the people and society say is

so? Be true to yourself!!!  Do not be swayed by illusion!!!  Happiness comes

from within.


Do not take me wrong it is nice to have comfort. You can have both if you

choose.  If you work from within, the external will take care of itself.  Focus

on the little things in life, take some time out of your busy day, and look

around. Truly look around!!!  When you walk out your door, STOP.  Look at

the sky, is the sun out, are there clouds in the sky? Open your senses. Is it

warm out,  or is it cold?Is there moisture in the air, or is it dry?  Look

around!!!Are there any trees in the vicinity?  What are they?  Oaks, Maples,

Elms, Palms  etc...?  Are there leaves on it, are they green,or are the

branches bare?Is the smell of flowers in the air?  If so, what are they?  Are

they  Apple blossoms, Lilac,  Oleander  etc...?  Can you smell mother earth?

Try and you shall!!!


Look and smell around!!!Look for creatures in the area that the creator has

sent you to learn from and admire.Their simple basic instinct to survive.

Enjoy the bright Scarlett of a Cardinal his beautiful songs, his distinct crest.

Listen and learn from the happy shrills of a red breasted Robin.The chitting

and carefree way the sparrows enjoy this beautiful day.Do they want for

anything?  A big house, a new car etc...  are they adorned in jewels?  I think

not. The creator has given them everything they need and much more.  They

are happy the way they are, just like you and me ought to be.





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