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this is a childrens story about a family of angels, and a family of spirits waiting to be born on earth.

Submitted: September 18, 2007

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Submitted: September 18, 2007




 Once upon a time there was a family of spirits, a mom, a dad, and a little girl named Mary.

They were patiently waiting to be born on earth. While they waited, they decided to move into a cloud where they could see all the happenings of earth to familiarize with what would soon become thier home.

Now, on the next cloud over, lived a family of angels. This was a large family with aunts, uncels, grandparents, cousins, and a little angel girl named Alissa. The two little girls Mary and Alissa soon became the best of friends. Every day they played together under the big blue sky. They laughed, danced, sang, blue bubbles, played hop-scotch, and every night with Alissa's grandpa, they went cloud jumping under the stars.

When it came time for Mary's parents to be born, Alissa's family was more than happy to take care of her. It would be many years before Mary's turn to go to earth.

The two girls became inseperable, where you saw one you saw the other, so when it came time for Mary to go down to earth, they had a fit. They absolutely did not want to be separated!

Alissa's family gave Mary a farewell party with many hugs and kisses, giving her many blessings before sending her on her way.

Mary was born early one morning and her mom and dad were sooo happy!

Up in Heaven, Alissa missed Mary so much she decided to go down and take a peek. She snuck down to earth when nobody was looking. Then she thought to herself: "Why can't I be Mary's gaurdian angel?"  "I could protect her and we could be together"

Alissa's aunt Agnes had been chosen to be Mary's guardian angel, so she went to he head angel and asked if it would be alright for Alissa to be a helper angel, where in turn she would get some experience.

So it was decided that Alissa could become a little helper angel to aunt Agnes for Mary.

Alissa was somewhat surprised seeing Mary so little, though Mary seemed as though she recognised Alissa, and was very content. Alissa would laugh as she flew around the room creating beautiful dreams of color for Mary to enjoy. Mary was a very happy baby.

When Mary started kindergarten, Alissa was right there too learning right along with Mary.

When Mary entered the first grade and started making more friends, it seemed as though she did not recognise Alissa anymore. Alissa was sad until aunt Agnes explained to her about the human conscious and how they do not usualy remember Heaven. So Alissa thought: "ok I will have to try hard to help her remember"  Though after rescuing Mary from a near car accident one day Alissa began to be happy just to be there for her, because Mary could here Alissa's  guidance even though she could not see her.

With Alissa right by Mary's side, she seemed to make all the right decisions. The right schools, the right job, the right husband. Mary's happiness filled Alissa's heart with joy.

When Mary was old and her bones were achy, Alissa would blow warm healing light into them.

Mary had a wonderful life and now she was ready to go back to Heaven.

On Mary's bed as she lay dying, Alissa held her hand, and as she did,  'Mary remembered Heaven'  Oh Boy did the colors get bright as the room filled with the Holy Spirit.

When the two girls entered Heaven, Alissa matured and Mary became young again so they would both be about 25.  All the bells in Heaven were ringing and that night after the welcome home party, Mary and Alissa went cloud jumping under the stars.  :)



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