There is someone I don't know

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you know I'm not sure how to explain but it's kinda like I am in a state of metamorphis awaiting to be reattached to something/a part of me that I have not met yet. a bigger part I hope. Make sense??

Submitted: October 09, 2007

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Submitted: October 09, 2007



There is a someone I don't know

But I await her eagerly

Sometimes I feel a cold wind blow

I do not know if it is she.

Though when she comes I will be here

awaiting patiently.

And when she arrives I will find out

That the She that came was Me!!


As you see leaves being blown

in a cluster-like cyclone

forming to a circle,

then slowly settling down.

There are bits and pieces

that somehow get away.

Hopefully and maybe

They may be back someday.


Just like us, they are ok, and if you wait you'll see

those bits and pieces do come back

if you're waiting patiently.


When your self comes to meet you

greet her or him with glee.

Consider yourself most fortunate

that time has come to be.


Make no mistake the presence

of the wind beneath your feet

The Presence, it is patient

for it's long awaited greet.



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