A War; Not Needed

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: House of Ghosts

It was another day, a completely ordinary one; no one would have predicted that it could be anything other than ordinary, that it would be their last.
Everyone who reads this I was trying to put some questions about our world, our society and the thing we neglect about it into a story but I guess it didn't turn out the way I expected but still while reading this please consider what we are doing wrong.

There was a young boy of about 17 year’s old, sitting on a hospital bed writing on a piece of paper. Saif, an orphan boy, was the victim of a chemical explosion.

It was another day, a completely ordinary one; no one would have predicted that it could be anything other than ordinary, that it would be their last.

It was June 27, 2017 in the city of Damascus, people were living out their lives, doing their jobs, carefree and unaware of anything that might happen. For the people of city it was a divine day, a holy day of festival, a day to be celebrated.
Suddenly an explosion occurred on a busy footpath, it was a chemical blast and within a moment that ordinary day and that ordinary looking sight turned into a chaos, all that could be heard were the cries and shrieks of people. The chemical rushed into them and render them unable to breath; children suffering to breath made it a horrible site.

Saif lay there, injured, thought to himself, “Why this did happen…..What we did to deserve this?” as he collapsed.
 He woke up in a hospital room; connect to a medical ventilator as he was still unable to breath.
He was the sole survivor of that heartless incidence, a meaningless violence  that killed no one but innocent people and even he didn’t have long to live, being kept alive with the help of machines.

When Saif got a hold of his senses, several days had gone by and it became certain that he cannot be saved. Saif asked the doctor to give him a paper and something to write, no one knew what he was writing or why he even wanted to write, he doesn’t had anyone to write to, no one came to visit him, no friends, no family. So why he wants to write, it was a question that came to everyone’s mind.

Saif felt heavy and fell asleep while writing but he never did woke up. They found the piece of paper in Saif’s hand, clenched in his fist, so not to lose it.
The things written on it were the question….he will never get answers of, it said:
Why are humans killing each other, aren’t we all the same, have the same appearance, need the same resources, breath the same air then what gives as the right to killed our own kind? Why do we want everything, is it that hard to share the resources gifted to us by the creator of all, why can’t we save instead of kill, why can’t we give instead of take, why is it that we can’t love instead of hate?

We are all humans and all of as wants to live than why is it that some of us have to die in a miserable way while others get to live, why can’t we help the ones who need it with money instead of using it to create weapons to kill them?
Wouldn’t this world become heaven if we were to live together regardless of the cast, trait and religion,
without the distinguishing between powerful and weak? Why are we fighting an unnecessary war that doesn’t give anyone anything when we can solve everything without killing each other?


Submitted: June 28, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Aira crimson. All rights reserved.

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A very thought-provoking story. By the way, I like anime as well!

Tue, May 21st, 2019 8:58am

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