Praying for a heartbeat...

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A poem about someone I lost...

Submitted: October 24, 2011

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Submitted: October 24, 2011



"Praying for a heartbeat"


You were someone I never knew

and yet I loved you true

what would you have become

given the chance to be someone.


You were taken away from me

I never got the chance to see

any of the things a father should

if I could've saved you, you know I would.


I remember when I first saw your face

I keep that picture in a special place

maybe I need to move on, let go

but baby I still love you so.


Im sitting gazing at the screen

why does life have to be so mean

Im hoping, praying for a heartbeat

nothing there except defeat


I see the tears well up in her eyes

but I just feel nothing inside

I reach out and hold her near

"its gonna be ok, my dear".


I feel like I let you down

if these tears dont stop Im gonna drown

I know I will see you up above

reunited, together in the fathers love.


I guess this is my way of letting go

I wont forget you, oh no

I was robbed of you for sure

without you I feel so poor.


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