Black Lake Academy

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This story is about after the downfall of voldemort. Even though this is one of my earlier writings. I still enjoy it. It is not even close to being finished, but i want to show it to you, my readers.

Submitted: February 22, 2009

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Submitted: February 22, 2009



Black lake academy building used to be Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and after the downfall of Voldemort, 11 years later, the school was abandoned. So after 78 years after when it was first abandoned, this school was renovated, and all of the photographs and statues remained from Hogwarts, and we couldn’t take them down. That’s why this schools houses are named after the 4 houses of Hogwarts. On a vacation Mr. and Ms. Diggory came to this school, and sadly saw that no one wanted it, so after a few fights at Gringotts, we got enough money to fully own the building and with donations from people, we had enough to renovate it completely. The name Black lake came from a book written by Albus Dumbldore, which was found when I, Headmaster of the school, was searching in his office, which is now mine. Albus wrote of a magical school run by students for students. I loved the name and adopted it. The school is a standing remembrance of Hogwarts, and will be forever more.
Chapter One: The Welcome meeting
It was the first day of school, and Jasmine Dolores was ready for it to begin. Being the minister of magic at the time, she decided to drop in at the schools welcome meeting. She walked in and saw everyone there and smiled to herself. She was ready to get down into business about this new year. Things are going to be quite different this year, the matters upon the dark lord is far to great. She sighed and walked further in, her heels echoing through the area as she sat down by the Headmaster and headmistress. She gave them a polite smile and looked at the students there, waiting for everything to be ready. Esmaralda Perevial, a Slytherin 3rd year, walked into the great hall and took a seat at the large meeting table. She gently tapped her fingers on the table repeatedly while she waited for things to get started. Emma, Esmaralda’s sister, walked to the meeting table, shoulders back, and head held high. She walked up to her sister, and taped her on her shoulder.
“Hey there Esie. Can you believe that we still have these stupid meetings. I mean, it's not like anyone really cares much for them." Emma's face was painted with a smirk, and sat next to her twin. Alex Diggory, the headmaster, walked up to the 2 slytherins and smiled. “Hello girls, how are you.” Emma stared up at the voice of the headmaster. "Fine sir, how was your summer?" Emma cringed at her automatic politeness. Even if this man went against everything she stood for, he still held a major role in her future, best not to screw that up. Esmaralda smiled at her sister for a moment before turning to the man that had just walked into the hall. "Hello. I am well, just waiting for this meeting to start." Esmaralda turned to her sister and gave her a small roll of her eyes. MaKenna Diggory, the headmistress, walked confidently into the Great Hall. Several students were already gathered. Smiling at them and winking at her husband she stopped close by them all. “Hello everyone. How's everyone settling in?” She was so excited to see the new students. Their arrival was one she had been anticipating for awhile now. Emma Leaned over to her sister. "They'll 'probably talk 'bout how the dark lord is the big bad wolf in this children's story of a school, or some silly story like it." Emma's Voice smothered in sarcasm. Alex stood up and looked at the peoples.

Hello, I am Alex Diggory, your Headmaster, and this is my wife, MaKenna Diggory, the Headmistress. We are glad to see the people here tonight, I also would like to introduce you all to the Minister of Magic, Jasmine Dolores, we are gathered here tonight to eat, talk, and discuss important matters. she smiled and nodded to everyone as she was introduced. But her face got serious as the Headmaster had started to discuss the matters. She sighed and straightened up as she sat. She folded her hands and waited for the headmaster to continue and then see what the matters will have to lead to. The headmaster started to speak. “We have problems, the dark lord has arisen, and I think that this school is going to get overruled by him, but we must stop him, the minister is in with protecting the students and staff, so that is what we must do, we must start an army, and army of students, train you to fight to win. He looked down. And we must start soon. Esmaralda jumped out of her seat. She was rather angry at the fact she was being forced into something. "I am not joining ANY forces against the dark lord! Why on earth would I do that?" Esmaralda looked to her sister for help. "If we do then, we may as well say goodbye to everything. He is all powerful.” “SILENCE”, Alex yelled. “You are in my school, under my command, for you’re protection and mine you will do as I say, now sit down.” Emma lowered her voice. "You know we are already in his ranks, no worries. This School will be thrown down within the year. And we will sleep soundly. But hey, let them kill themselves. It will be a good laugh."
Emma Looked ahead, and made sure no one herd her, they aren't supposed to know about the plan, not yet. Esmaralda glared at him and sat down, she didn't think he was right in any nature, but she knew when to back down. "Doubt it." She said reluctantly to her sister. Esmaralda started daydreaming not paying any attention whatsoever the adults were saying. MaKenna took the open seat next to Alex and listened to him speak. She admired how cool and confident he was when speaking to a large crowd. MaKenna smiled at the Minister of Magic as she too took a seat and waited for the festivities to begin. She took Alex's hand in her own gave it a quick squeeze just before he stood to speak. MaKenna turned her attention to a couple of Slytherin girls. She raised a brow and spoke to them both.
“I suggest you both pay attention and show a bit more respect for the Headmaster. That's 10 points each from Slytherin.” She turned back to Alex and waited. Once she was sure he had everyone’s attention she stood next to Alex. “I suggest that you all think long and hard about what we are saying here. A new dark lord has arisen. I'm sure all of you have learned about Voldemort at some point in your schooling. He was one of the most feared dark wizards of his time. Now we have one of our own to contend with. I want you all to be ready, and able to protect yourselves. With that in mind I turn you over to the Minister of Magic.” Esmaralda turned to her sister and whispered an inaudible whisper. "I'd join the dark lord if he gave me a klondike bar."
It didn't seem to matter where Draven went in the castle, he always seemed to be called to do something, he knew he had to do it for he was undercover as the caretaker of this damn school. Just the thought of himself being in this school made his own skin crawl. Walking toward the Meeting table he was hungry, yes.. But more then that he wanted to know who was talking about him and what they were saying, That was one of the perks of working as the BLA caretaker, although he really never did to much around the school. Mainly just a simple wave of the wand. Stepping foot inside the room, lit up by the dinning light that was provided he saw a few people. The headmaster and headmistress a few students, No one really knew to much about Draven but that was how he liked it. Keep his friends what friends he had close and his enemy's closer. He walked over to the back of the hall and for a moment watched the people around him. You could say he was evaluating them, like he did most everyone he came in contact with.
Jasmine Dolores stood up. She waited as the two heads talked and such. She glared at the Slytherin girls and gave them a warning look. They look suspicious, but she let it drop then. She smiled at the Headmistress as she had addressed to her. She stood up and straighten herself before she spoke. She leaned in toward the stand and looked at t he students there*

“All right, now that we have that out there, we turn to the matters of protecting our students. I know that before, we didn't have that kind of right protection for the students, with the dementors and such. That was a wrong idea of Cornelius, so I took over. Anyway, we will have aurors surround the school, taking shifts to guard the area and other mythical creatures such to watch out for everyone. So be on your guard....and what are you babbling about miss Emma? A Klondike bar? We're are in a serious situation here. We have no time to dawdle and goof off.”

The headmaster stood up again, and smiled. “Draven, nice of you to join us, how are you” He smiled and waved his wand, then food appeared in front of everybody, and a klondike bar in front of Esmaralda. “Oh, is that for me” He reached over and took the ice cream from her and took a bite. “so good, but the dark lord didn’t give this to you, and neither did I, I wanted it” Emma's blood boiled at this. “How dare he defy the Dark Lord!” Emma stood up, eyes burning a dark green. Her chest rising and falling rapidly, she screamed at the Headmaster. "HOW DARE YOU! YOU DO NOT STAND A CHANCE AGAINST THE DARK LORD! HE IS TOO STRONG FOR YOUR PETTY ATTEMPTS AT OVERPOWERING HIM!"
Suddenly Emma went quiet, and a smirk played on her face. An evil laugh came from her mouth. Closed her eyes, and a giant wind spun the room. This transparent hand came up to the Headmasters mouth, diving in, and wasn't seen. All of the sudden the Headmaster was choking, and spitting out everywhere. Then A giant glob fell out of his mouth, landing on the floor. The only thing said was by Emma. "What would you do for a Klondike Bar Professor?" MaKenna had had quite enough of these two trouble makers. She wouldn't stand for this type of behavior. She walked quickly over to the girls grabbing each of them by the arms and pulled them over to the side. “I have never in my life seen such rude behavior. What on earth makes you think that it's okay to act this way? I will only say this once. Keep your mouths shut until the end of dinner or face me. I may look nice, but you have no idea what I'm capable of, and I suggest for you sake you never find out. Now get to your table and be quiet!”

She shoved them away from her and looked back to Alex. She realized these girls were in his house, but they needed dealt with. MaKenna walked back over to the table and took her seat again smiling at Draven as he joined them. Alex took out his wand and pointed it at the girls, he was about to crucio them, but he didn’t want to, oh what the heck. “crucio” He stopped and sat down, closed his eyes, and smiled. “You too are lucky tonight, I am in a good mood, now please, sit down.” They both sat, down, thinking that was enough playing for the night, later there would be more. Alex Smiled, “thank god, okay, lets see, my and the headmistress have something to do, please enjoy the rest of your meal, and I guess that went well, if you wanted it ruined.” He pulled MaKenna’s chair out and took her hand, and they both walked out. Jasmine sighed and sat back down in her chair and thought. ‘ Such rude children, their minds, already shrouded and consumed into the ways of the dark lord.’ She feared.....that they will have to go against the students of their own school. She nodded politely at the headmaster and ate her salad in peace. Soon everyone finished eating and left and went to sleep.
Chapter Two: A Look at reality
Alex and MaKenna both walked to the lake, and Alex sat down after leaving the meeting with MaKenna in tears, he had no idea what to do anymore, he never knew that because of one teenager that a entire school can be in harms way. “MaKenna, what are we going to do, I have not a clue what is to happen to us” MaKenna stood there looking out of the water. She could see the concern written all over her husband's face. Wrapping her arms around him she hugged him close. “I don't know honey, but I do know that no matter what happens we will fight to protect our students, but more importantly our son.” He stopped breathing, we had left our son at the house, by himself, noone to protect him. His mind filled with blackness, he could see john holding there kid, on the top floor of the school by the legs, outside a window, then he let go, he watched his own son fall to his fate. MaKenna was on her knees in front of Alex. Holding his face in her hands. She kissed him softly. “Alex, Zach is fine. I left him with the new nanny I hired. He's perfectly safe.” She hugged him again to reassure him that she was right. Zachary was at home safe and sound. “If you want we can go home and check on him, just to make sure.” Alex started talking. “New nanny, how much are we paying her.” He laughed, but it was a serious question. “Yeah, lets go and check on him, ill cook dinner for us” MaKenna smirked. They weren't really paying her all that much, and after all they could afford it. “It's a fair wage Alex. Don't worry honey.” She interlaced their hands and nodded. That sounded like a good idea. “Okay baby. Whatever you want.” They walked away heading to their home.
3 days before
John Diggory is an evil person, he is Alex Diggory’s brother, and a Death eater. John Always has sick visions and has a grudge on MaKenna Diggory, Alex’s new wife. John was walking around the lake, looking at it, and wondering if it was full of bodies, funny it would be, he laughed, being 23 and a death eater, trying to kill the headmistress of this school and her son was just some of the fun. Esmaralda walked out by the lake late in the evening. She had been seeking an escape of the confinements of the castle, and seeking a bit of time away from her twin sister. They had been working on another plan for their group, the Fire Raisers, but she was starting to get tired of being around her so much. She picked up a large stone and hurled it as far as she possibly could out into the water, the ripples from it glistened in the moon light. "Oh excellent." As john lays next to the lake in black jeans and a black tee shirt, he looks up, and looks around*

“Who dare disturbs me, for I can kill you” said John. Esmaralda scoffed and turned around. She smiled slyly at the person near her. She wasn't afraid, she almost never was anymore. She cocked an eyebrow at him. "Oh really? Would you even dare?" she said in a challenging voice. She withdrew her wand and held it up, she would have thought better of it, had she thought. John smirked at this girls attempt to show that she was powerful, john didn’t think that she knew who she was talking to, so john stood up at his 6’ 2” height, and pointed his wand at her, with the moonlight showing his dark mark. “Do you still want to fight me, you foolish girl” Esmaralda cocked her eyebrow once again. She was starting to get amused. "Who, said anything about fighting?" she asked, trying not to laugh. She held out her non-wand hand and a tiny flame appeared on it, burning her hand slightly, she barely even noticed it anymore, she was a fire raiser now, and not just any, the leader of them. She caused the flame to grow a bit larger, before whispering to it. "You know what to do for your master." The flame jumped to the ground, starting a small fire in the grass. She kept a tight grip on her wand as she spoke. "You know, water fears fire, but longs for it's warmth." she said, ignoring the fact that the person was threatening her. “In reality, they can't be together. Or can they?” Esmaralda asked, challenging him. He looked at the girl lit a fire in her hand “A fire raiser huh, well, meet the half-brother of the dark lord” John lifted his wand, flicked it and water came from the lake and soaked the girl and put out her fire. “Funny, but you think that will stop me” Esmaralda shook her head and laughed lightly, water didn't bother her in the slightest. She lit a small flame in her palm and whispered something very quietly to it. She threw it onto the water, which instantly began boiling, forming a sort of blossoming flower, creating itself over and over again.
"Half-brother aye? Well, I'm sorry for you. How depressed you must be, not being able to be the dark lord yourself. I am very sympathetic to the dark lords aims. You must feel very honored to be his brother." she said, adding a hint of sarcasm at the end. “You’re dont know what your getting yourself into girl, this could be your last night on earth if you keep messing with me” said John. He started walking up to her, smiling, and slapped her in the face, and stepped back. “What do you think you are doing, messing with me” Esmaralda felt her cheek burn, she had to admit, she was a bit surprised. This guy had to have some guts. She dropped her wand. Her real power was with fire. Who needed a wand for fire? Not Esmaralda. "Is that a threat Mr. Dark Lord's half brother?" she asked a smirk, playing out on her face. She was taller than most girls her age, standing at 5'6" She made a small flame of gathorgian fire appear in her palm. She threw it directly at his face. John jumped up and his shirt caught on fire, he tore it off and ran towards the girl with amazing force and pushed her into the water. “Dont you dare disturb me again.” Esmaralda climbed out of the water and shook her head. "Oh, you really don't get it do you?" she said, laughing, attempting not to keel over from it. “Apparently you dont get it” said John. He went up to her and smiled. “What do you want from me” Esmaralda straightened up and instantly turned her face to seriousness. Trying to make her self look a bit afraid. "I am really not afraid of you, even if you do have nice abs." she said for the first time taking in that he had no shirt on. "I am sure that the dark lord needs some help from the inside of the schools trust. People that, with time, could become death eaters." she said, pausing, trying to have the right affect. “So, you want to be a death eater, well, to bad” He backed up, and with a flick of his wand, he vanished, back to his secret lair.
Chapter Three: The beginning of a battle
MaKenna walked into the kitchen with Alex and sat on the chair on the opposite side of the counter watching him cook. “So what are you making honey? Can I help.?” She smiled at him and folded her hands in front of her. “Fettachini alfredo, and no you cant help, you can watch, you’ve had a long day” said Alex. He started to grab pots and pans to start cooking. As Alex and MaKenna started talking while he was cooking, the baby started to cry, and immediately MaKenna got up and walked to the bedroom, with her wand at the ready, just in case. A few minutes later she came down, and smiled. “Zachary just needed a fresh diaper” said MaKenna. At that Moment Alex walked over to the table with 2 huge plates of alredo. “Here you go” Alex said. “Tonight is the night where we both must eat good, for tomorrow is the first day of classes. MaKenna smiled as she watched him cook. He was an excellent chef. She loved it when he cooked for her. She looked at the baby monitor out of the corner of her eye to check on Zachary and then looked back to Alex. The food was getting set on the table. The kitchen smelled amazing. “It looks so good Alex. Thanks for cooking dinner.” She leaned over and touched his face with her right hand and kissed him.
“Anything for you, MaKenna” whispered Alex. After they had both finished, Alex and MaKenna both retired to there bedroom. MaKenna laid her purse on the dresser and went to Alex who was lying on their bed. He was sound asleep, MaKenna hated to wake him, but she wanted to make sure that her husband was okay. Kissing his cheek she ran her finger through his hair. “Baby are you okay?” said MaKenna. He smiled and turned around and kissed MaKenna, and smiled again. “I’m fine, but I really would like to lay next to you right now, and just fall asleep” He smiled and kissed her again, then taking off his shoes then laying down again. MaKenna kissed Alex back happy that he seemed better. “That sounds like a wonderful idea baby.” Slipping off her shoes she slipped into bed next to Alex. It was warm under the covers next to him and received his kiss. At that moment the phone rang, and Alex answered it. “Yes, hello” Said Alex. “Professor, its me, Draven, your Office is on fire, almost everything is burnt down.” Alex sat there in shock, he had no idea who would have done this. “Any idea who it was” asked Alex, his mouth wide open. “No, not at all, sorry sir” “Well, ill be down there in a second” yelled Alex, and he ran for his wand, flicking it, he was dressed and out the door, running towards Black Lake Academy.
Earlier that night
Esmaralda walked in the door of the Headmasters office. The walls were a yellow and she crept over to the corner. There was a potted plant with leafy leaves, how ironic, the leaves were leafy. “This is a very peculiar place. This guy must be a nut.” She said out loud. She turned around to see herself in a mirror on the wall, she looked at the wall, the whole thing was covered in mirrors. "Emma, what do you think of this place? Isn't this guys office weird?" Esmaralda walked over to his desk and sat in his chair. The thing was made of wood and was rather uncomfortable. "Darn it! How on earth does this guy sit in this thing?" She stood up and faced her sister.* Emma looked around.* "Very muggleish." *Emma visibly shivered, and walked over to the pictures. She inspected them, then turned to her sister* "But what do you expect from a muggle lover? Disgusting." The Slytherin girl reached for her left forearm, as her eyes got huge. "Esie" Her voice scared and full of worry. "It's happening." Ever since the fall of the previous Dark Lord, the death eaters had changed their communication system. Now if your mark burned, the Dark Lord would simply appear in your mind, wile giving you instructions. But since Emma has yet to receive it, she only felt a small pain in her head. Emma's eyes glazed over, as she went to listen to directions. Emma, your time has come to prove yourself to your lord. You will set the Headmasters office in flame, and make sure to destroy all important items. Are you up for this mission? " “Yes my Lord."
And with that Emma was back in the headmasters office. She looked back at her sister and gave her a knowing glance. "You up for a bit of hot fun Esie?" Esmaralda walked over to the very ugly potted plant in the corner of the room. She stared at it intensively. "Who needs a spell Emma? I can make fire dance for me." Esmaralda held her hand out in front of her. A small flame appeared on it, burning her hand. It kept burning her hand, but she did not care, it was a good feeling. She leaned closer to it and whispered. "You know what I want you to do for me? I want you to dance for me, burn the plant, burn the office. Incendio." She gently blew on the flame and it jumped from her hand onto the plant, causing the thing to burst into flames. She stuck her hand in the fire. It moved its way away from her hand, not burning it. “Brilliant.” Said Esmaralda. “I've gotten a bit better at it haven’t I? If you need a spell to cause fire, it is Incendio. As the walls and all of the paperwork and everything caught on fire, the girls both ran from the room, just barely being engulfed in the flames.
Chapter Four: John’s Kidnapping
It took about a week for john to figure out how to pass the security things for the school, but he finally did it, he had stolen a tent and the tent was full of food, and the living room had all of its furniture, so he set up his tent near the water where noone would notice, and started to plan his murder on MaKenna and her son. Brooklyn Audino made her way down the path that led to the water's edge. It was paved so that made it much easier for her. The day was chilly and she had her hair pulled back in a barrette and a fall jacket on for which she was great full that she had remembered. Slowing down Brooklyn spotted a tent not to far from the edge of the clearing. She wondered what in the world someone would be doing out here in the middle of the forest. “Is anyone there?” She called over to the moving tent. John grabbed his wand and went outside “who’s there” John said and his eyes went pure black. Hearing a voice Brooklyn pulled out her own wand.
“Lumos!” she yelled. Shining a light so she could get a better look Brooklyn spotted a guy. His eyes were the color of the midnight sky. “Who are you? What are you doing here?” Brooklyn used her free hand to back herself up. “Well, if you must know”, said John. “I am planning to kill the headmistress of this school and her son, put your wand down and ill explain, I’m a nice guy” He smirked. Brooklyn raised an eye brow keeping a firm grip on her wand and shone the light at the guys' feet. With her free hand she kept backing her wheelchair up so that he was in her sights at all times. “You're going to do what?” She nearly laughed at him, and was asking to make sure she had heard him right. John started talking, “Dont move, I said come in my tent and we'll have something to drink and ill explain, you'll be on my side once I’m done explaining” He laughed. “Expelliarmus” He pointed at the girl and walked up to her, smiling. Brooklyn didn't have time to maneuver her way out of the spell hitting her so her wand flew out of her hands and back at this guy.
“HEY! Give me back my wand. As you can see I can't exactly make it to your tent, so if you want to talk to me it will have to be out here. Now, give me back my wand.” She gave him a look that let him know just how serious she was being. “Can't make it to my tent you say, Windguardrium Leviosa” He pointed it at the girl and started walking himself and her to the tent. “you’ll get your wand back, I promise” Brooklyn screamed and as she was lifted in the air and floated over to the tent. Her legs hung limply in the air as she was propelled forward by him. “PUT ME DOWN!” She screamed louder, but figured noone would hear her. “Pipe down girl, noone will hear you, now lets go inside” He walked in and set the girl on a couch and she laid there, and he handed her a cup of pumpkin juice and got another one for himself. “So, you ask me what am I doing out here, is that right” Brooklyn fell over as he sat her down on the couch. Pulling herself up she just stared at him as he handed her a glass of pumpkin juice. She didn't say anything, and was about to toss the juice in his face. “Why should I pipe down? You've basically kidnapped me.” She shifted her weight and set her glass down. “I have not kidnapped you, you can leave when you want, after I explain something to you, and after we get to know eachother a little better” He smiled and took a drink of juice.
“So, what is your name and how old are you” He sat down on the couch across from the girl. Brooklyn relaxed a bit, but kept her guard up. She laughed at his statement that she could just leave.
“I'm Brooklyn, and I'm 14 years old. Who are you anyway?” “I am John, and I am 25 years old, and it is nice to meet you Brooklyn, I’m glad you’re the one that decided to come out here, which you might be here for a few days.” He smiled, yes she would be staying here, no matter what she tried. Brooklyn looked at him and drew in a slow breath. She had heard him say she would be here for days right. What was that all about. She didn't want to stay here. This guy was bordering on crazy and she didn't want no part of it. Too bad she couldn't walk. She would run as fast as her legs could carry her if she could. “I'm not staying here. You said you'd let me go!” John Laughed, “True, true, I did say id let you go, but I never said when I would let you go” He got up and pointed his wand outside. “Accio Wheelchair” “There you go, you can make it around the tent, but the door has a charm, where you cannot get out, you have full accessibility to everything in the house, there is no phone, and your wand stays with me, if you need anything from anywhere I will get it” Brooklyn was basically speechless as hot tears formed in her eyes. He brought her wheelchair in and told her the rules. She was officially scared now. She was a prisoner, and she had stupidly wheeled herself right into this guys clutches. “I have to get out of here!” she said quietly so he couldn’t hear her. “Think of this as a hotel, but one you cannot leave, until I say so” said John. John gets up and starts walking to the kitchen. “I hope you like fettuchini alfredo, because that’s what’s for dinner” He started cooking dinner and looked into the living room. “The TV remote is right next to you,” he said, looking at Brooklyn. He flicked his wand and the remote appeared next to her.
Chapter Five: John’s Kidnapping part Two
Hellius sat perched in a tree overlooking the lake. He was leaning against the trunk while his legs sat hanging over the branch. Everything seemed eerily calm; something that he enjoyed. Yet, he couldn't shake the feeling that something was happening that was out of the ordinary. Sighing and shivering slightly from the nipping cold, he exhaled and watched the steamy fog of his breath that steamed into the night air. Looking around at his surroundings, Hellius decided to take a look around for himself. Hopping down from tree branch to tree branch, he finally got down to the ground. Brushing his robes off and then looking around, he thought that he saw something in the distance. There were indented parts of the ground that looked as if someone carved across the ground with a stick of some sort. Moaning and taking the hint that someone was after dark, Hellius followed after the indentations until he came upon a tent. Walking close up to it, he gathered a shadow around his hand and shaped it into a crafty sharp object.
Pressing into the tent's material, his finger sliced through and made a peering hole. He looked inside and found that the tent was bigger than it appeared. Sighing to himself, Hellius backed away, pulled out his wand, and then aimed it towards the tent. "Incendio." Brooklyn settled back into the couch and looked at John. Shrugging her shoulders she decided to make the best of the situation and picked up her pumpkin juice. She smelled the alfredo sauce as it began to cook and thought of home. Looking towards the kitchen again she smelled something burning as she took a drink of her juice. “Hey are you burning something? It smells like its on fire or something.” She sipped her juice again and picked up the remote that was at her fingertips. “Burning, nothings burning” he said. John walked into the living room and sees a fire on the tent. “Oh my god, the tents on fire,” john yelled. He ran outside holding his wand. Hellius laughed in sadistic glee. He loved to torment students in just about anyway possible. Just sitting back and using his cloak to shield himself from the heat of the flame, he ended up somewhere near some trees in the distance. He watched as the first of the embers jumped off the tent and then looked as some person came out of the cloth. He doesn't look like a student...Hellius thought. Raising his arm at him, Hellius flicked his wand again. "Expelliarmus!" He called.
“Protego” screamed John. “Hey punk, who do you think you are, Crucio!!!” “I am stronger than you kid, you better leave now” Then he points his wand at the tent and uses the aguamenti spell to put it out, then fixes it and looks back at the kid. Hellius was preparing himself as his opponent protected himself. The Crucio came too quickly and so he was hit by it. Letting out a yell and falling to the ground, he suspected the spell effects to last longer but they didn't. Looking up right as an Expelliarmus flew over his head, Hellius slowly pulled himself back to his feet. This isn't a student... but this does need to be reported. Pocketing his wand, he began running towards the castle to report it to the Headmaster... or some sort of teacher. Brooklyn had no idea what was going on outside the tent. The fire was out, and she heard voices, but other than that she was clueless. “John? What's going on out there?” “Runaway, hahaha, you dumbass” John then walks back into the tent and into the kitchen. “Dinners ready”, said john. He carried out two plates and handed one to her. “Here you go” Brooklyn took the plate and looked at him. She didn't answer her question and she was a bit curious as to what had just happened. “What happened out there? Who or what started that fire?” Her bright blue eyes bored into him as she asked them questions. “It was a mere boy,” said john. “Nothing to worry about, how is the alfredo?” He smiled and took another bite then moved to her couch and sat next to her and watched TV.
Brooklyn wondered what he meant by that and tried to relax a bit. She still felt a bit awkward, but it was out of her control. Eating her alfredo she shook her head in appreciation. “This is really good. Not as good as my mom's, but it's good.” She ate more and looked up at him. “So why do you want to kill the headmistress and her baby?” Well, my brother married her, and so now she has a baby that shouldn’t be hers, she is such a worthless load of crap, and now I have to kill both of them. He said very slowly. “Well, what’s on TV” said John. Brooklyn looked at him giving him a funny look. This guy clearly had lost his mind. Shrugging her shoulders she asked him another question. “Is that all? I mean other than marrying your brother, what did she ever do to you. I met her and she's really nice.” “What did she ever do to me, she took my brother away, we were best friends and that bastard left me for her, I couldn’t believe it, but, oh well, soon it will all be over” He smiled and went to get her chair. “Lets get you to bed, come on” Brooklyn was a bit confused by his answer. The same thing had happened to her when Bianca got engaged. She felt like Eric had taken her sister away and had disliked him from that point on. That was until she got to know him and understand that B wasn't getting taken away. “Did you ever talk to your brother and tell him how you felt? I mean if he didn't know how could he fix it and make you feel better. I don't think you killing his wife and baby are going to make him like you more.” John started to talk. “He deserves it, now get in the chair, lets get you to bed” He smiled and moved the chair closer to her. “The beds all made up for you” Looking at him as he pushed her chair over to the couch she shook her head. “I'll stay here if that's okay. I would fell more comfortable that way.” “Fine” He said as he pushed the chair away from her.
“Then ill just have to sleep right on the recliner” He grabbed his wand and sat down. “Dont try to run away” He threw her a pillow and a blanket and got himself one. “Do you need anything” said John. Brooklyn was still scared of this man. Catching the blanket and pillow she pulled her legs up on the couch and put the pillow under her head then covered herself up. “No I'm fine. Thanks.” She closed her eyes and attempted to fall asleep. He went over to her and made sure she was fully covered up and kissed her forehead. “I’m only being nice so you’ll stay” said john. He smiled and went over to the recliner and covered up and closed his eyes, but he did not go to sleep. Shivering as he kissed her forehead all Brooklyn wanted to do was get out of there. She was sure someone had to know she was missing by now. Taking a deep breath she turned over and pretended to sleep. John sat there watching her, he was sad for her to see her trapped here, but she was the only company he had, so she had to stay. “I know your not asleep, were both never gonna get any sleep worrying about eachother” Opening her eyes she knew he was right. Sighing she stuck a deal with him. “If I promised to come back every day and visit you would you let me go?” “I would, but I cant take the chance of you telling someone of my being here” He smiled and looked at her. “What if, I will let you go shopping, meet friends, all of that if you stay here at night and me following you as a dog, would you prefer that” Brooklyn turned back over. She wondered if he was serious or not. Hoping that he was she answered him. “Yes. I want to do that,” she said. “But, if you even mention where you are staying, consequences will have to happen, is that clear, dont tell anyone where I am or who I am, and my name as a dog is Jake, okay” He smiled. “I’m glad you like that plan” They both laid down, and fell asleep. When the sun came up, john quickly acted and waved his wand and made it so that Brooklyn couldn’t wake up for a day or two.
Chapter six: Disaster
It was morning, and Alex had gone to work, MaKenna had decided to stay at home until the baby-sitter arrived for Zachary. So, she went into the kitchen to make breakfast. John walked in seeing noone in the living room, he waited for his new assistant to come in. Charlotte followed John into the living room. In a moment of slight curiosity should couldn't stop herself from asking. “Why must we destroy this house?” Wondering what the reaction to a question such as that would be, Charlotte waited to be told what she should next do. “I thought you wanted to help me” He pointed his wand towards the couch. “Incendio” Then the couch started on fire. Charlotte winced. She should really learn to not ask question however curious she may be. “I never said I didn't want to help. It was just a question. Forget it.” Chastised, Charlotte watched nonchalantly as John incinerated the couch. She looked down at her wand. She had a terrible memory. “No one has ever taught me spells. I can make things, beautiful things, but that's about it. I was told I was worthless and not worth teaching. So...” She felt small as she flashed a sheepish grin. “ Forgive me for asking.” “Go find the woman that lives in this house, and when you do. tell her without showing yourself that her living room is on fire” He smiled as he started curtains and couches and other things on fire. “When you get back, ill be in the forest, then ill teach you a few needed spells” “Okay...” Charlotte nodded her head and turned to walk out the living room. John headed into the kitchen laving the living room on fire. Charlotte raised her hands to bring down her cloak hood as she walked into the room then put them down again after having second thoughts. Perhaps she should keep her face hidden for now. “Your living room is on fire”, then vanished, not going to john, but to safety. MaKenna began putting out the flames using the aguamenti charm. It took her several times, before the blaze was completely out. Thank god it was contained to the one room. She then began to clean up the place using the scourgify charm. When she was done she was exhausted. The room was back to normal and didn't even appear to have been on fire at all. She turned and headed for the bathroom to take a shower.

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