Devastating Morning to the Holocaust

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This story is about a girl in Czechoslovakia, Europe in the Holocaust era. The story begins when a girl had awoke one morning, with her house ravaged, she hears a Nazi approaching her direction and she finds refuge in her underground basement and she travels down a hole into a patch of light to see the unknown wonder of the killings and annihilation of the Jewish people. Until then as she seeks freedom, she is caught by a Nazi and is nowhere to be found.

Submitted: December 18, 2011

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Submitted: December 18, 2011



I had awoke to something horrible and devastating. Everything I had was gone.  I can vaguely remember the agonizing writhe I had endured for the last couple months. Here I was isolated in my emaciated house that held so many commemorations, and recollections of who I was. Now everything departed. As I look around I can see the emaciated floor with litter filled every inch from the unknown outside world. The timber behind the wall of my house was visible. Every window that was delimited around me was shattered. Down to the thousand pieces of glass, which had subjugated the floor was now concealed over the walls, and tiny holes in the floor. I was very scared and had to be very, very restrained and vigilant as I walked to the other side of my house, to see more extensive damage.


As I tiptoed down the sides of my house trying to avoid the dangerous glass, I had come across what seemed to be a family portrait hidden behind rubbish that had clambered through an area of my home.  As I bent down to gently pick it up, I saw a picture of five people. The two people on the furthest corner of the picture were my mother and father. There were three children.  I was one of the three children from the picture. My other two siblings were my brother and sister.  The more deeply that I stared into my mother and father’s eyes I started to snivel, my eyes were turning red as I remember what the Nazi’s had done to them just a few months ago. One of my tears had plummeted from my eyes and it descended right through the middle of the picture, making its way to the floor that had softly hit something.


I looked down and saw a doll. This doll was a murky, sullied doll that had been sitting around for quite some time. I looked closely to identify the toy. It was too excruciating to think about this.


Then suddenly I hear footsteps, I quickly holted.

I had heard the sound of unknown voices coming towards the front of the house.


Oh no! It was Nazi’s. I hurriedly looked around my house to see any shelter to hide from the Nazi’s. The best place I found was the basement under the floor. I really didn’t want to go under there, but I had no choice.


I dashed for the basement floor, lifted the string attached to the door and ran down the steps into the unknown darkness. From below looking above I saw the rays of sunlight reflecting onto my face. I tried my hardest to keep quiet.

Then…… I heard the indistinct sound of guileful footsteps. The more closely I heard the sound the less hope I had. I had a deep postulation that the Nazi would lift the latch of the basement door, find me and take me away.


I heard the deep voice that was highly projected by the Nazi. I didn’t pay attention to the schmooze that was going on. I started feeling around the dark empty space to find somewhere to hide for refuge.

There was no way for me. But when I had turned to my left I saw what appeared to be a hole. This hole was the size of regular-sized house window. I looked under to see a huge patch of light.

This meant freedom for me…

I had ran into the hole, to see what it led to. Then suddenly I crept my head out into the world of the Holocaust. Dim smoke had annihilated our town. Newspaper headlines were consisted of Jews that were killed and slaughtered. More disgustingly I watched the anguishing act of a Nazi killing an innocent man on the street. Jeeps were riding down the withered road running over dead people. Innocent people were being killed for no reason. Who knows if I was about to be the next person to be kidnapped, taken forever. Then with the blink of an eye I saw a Nazi, once he saw me he toke me and I was gone.

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