Remembering those from 9/11

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This story is about a man that went through 9/11. He is recalling the time when he saw the devastation of this occurrence. As a result the man had rescued an old man from 9/11 who was slowly dying.

Submitted: December 18, 2011

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Submitted: December 18, 2011



Chapter 1

The Twin Towers


“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Countless people were making earsplitting screams, as the twin towers crashed floor by floor like a statuette. This building collapsed like dominos with a snap of a finger of revenge. From up top, black smoke and debris eradicated the sky, almost choking the life out of the city. People were hurriedly galloping the streets, in a short amount of time, to find refuge and to seek assistance. Facilitates came at a late time to rescue people from danger.

“I can recall this petrifying day” I almost lost my life, my wife, and my kids.”

I remember, I was in the middle of work. Then all of a sudden I hear ambulance trucks, and fire trucks fleeting the streets. I heard the sirens of countless fire trucks.

People started evacuating the building. People came out of elevators with rags covering their mouth. All these individuals came bustling out of the elevator to go outside. It hadn’t dawned on me that something was terribly wrong.  I heard one gentlemen tell me: “Sir, please evacuate the building, I am telling you this now, for your own safety!” I listened to the man and grabbed all of my possessions and was on my way off outside, to see what the commotion was.

As I look above, I heard the ostentatious, ear-piercing loud propellers of airplanes from the very top floor of the building. Then suddenly…….


One of the planes from up top had crashed into the top floor.

I was devastated at this particular moment. I could smell the scorching smell of something terrible. My fear had surmounted so much into me almost as if it were stabbing into my chest, thirsting for my blood.

I speedily grabbed my cell-phone out of my pocket to call my wife to tell her the terrible occurrence that was happening. As I dialed her number into my phone, I heard the reverberation of the phone dialing. I was whispering: “Please pick up, honey”.  She answered with a soft “hello” sympathetically with her sweet voice. In the back of my mind I asked myself: “Would this be the last time I would ever talk to my precious wife, that shielded me through the tough times?” I told my wife: Honey, are you home? Turn on the television! She said: Honey, is everything alright? She turned on the television, her mouth dropped when she saw a camera capturing the devastating moment of the collapsing of the twin towers. My wife replied by saying oh my god honey, I am going to call the police. I told her: “I love you”. I hung up the phone sobbing. As I looked overhead it looked what appeared to be debris coming from the very top. This debris descended down the building like peanut-butter and jelly being spread onto bread. The next thing I know the debris is suffocating the streets.  Harsh pressured winds were throwing people into the air like puppets. People were screaming for their lives. Litter and rubbish filled the streets. Confidential and secretive papers that were all procured in secret drawers were landing everywhere. Fire filled the streets as the fuel tanks were releasing a hazardous chemical. When I look left and right elderly people were sobbing. As I look at them I can see the sorrow in their faces. I could read torment on these people’s faces. I felt so bad for them, because this devastating act was unexpected.

 I couldn’t resist seeing this old man with his walker, crying so hard. By watching him, he made me cry.

I went up to this elderly old man, who seemed to be struggling.

I told him: “Sir, come with me”. The old man gladly accepted my offer.

I wanted to get to my car, before the debris became increasingly worse. But by the time I got the old man situated, there was no car to be found.

Coughing, and screaming was what distracted me from concentrating.

Luckily there was an ambulance truck nearby for help.

I brought me and the old man to the truck, the paramedic was kind enough to take us. With a blink of an eye we were off. I stared at the old man laying down, he was coughing horribly. I asked him if he was okay. He replied by saying, “yes”.

The ambulance truck had driven us to a hospital on the other side of town, far, far away from the twin towers. As we approached the hospital, we were taken into the immediate care unit and were nursed by sweet, nice ladies, who treated us. Since I was there undergoing treatment, the doctor told me I was perfectly fine, I hadn’t inhaled any debris, and that I was healthy. On the other hand the old man that I rescued was not ok. He was dying.

Before I was about to leave the unit, I heard the sound of a loud, grouchy, old man, as I approached the scene, the old man saw me and pointed to me with those wrinkly fingers. He said: “That’s the man that saved me”. He waved his hand to me, signaling me to come to him. As I walked up to him sobbing, he pulled something out of his pocket. He hugged me and put something in my hand. I was feeling around the paper; it was money. The old man replied to me and told me that he was very thankful and proud of my deed. He awarded me by giving me one hundred dollars. I resisted his offering.

He said: “Kind, sir, please take my offering, as for you saved my life.”

I accepted his order, gave him a smile, and left.

Since the nurse said I was fine, and my health was perfectly good, I was told to leave. I went to the front desk of the hospital and asked the receptionist if I could talk to my wife. They were kind enough to let me use their phone. As I pick up the phone and dial my wife’s number, she answered the phone with a petrified response.

My wife said: Hello.

Me: Yes, baby I am at the hospital.

Wife: Honey, Oh my goodness, are you okay? I am going to get you!

A few hours later my wife came and got me from the hospital. When she saw me at first she ran to me crying. She hugged me so hard, and kissed me leaving an indentation on my body, she kissed me like there was no tomorrow.


We went home, and prayed for those individuals who didn’t make it.

The World Trade Center

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