Slave on the Corn Field

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This story is about a woman named Gilanda who was slave working in the corn field owned by Bill Cleverson. Since Gilanda had a terrible relationship with Bill, she completely ignored him, as a result Bill smacked her for unnecessary doing.

Submitted: December 19, 2011

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Submitted: December 19, 2011



One by one, the women had been picking out the corn in the hostile sun, almost melting her like ice. She was sweating harshly, praying silently for the day to go quicker. She stood kneeling down pulling the corn with unyielding force off the weak vine.

Gilanda couldn’t believe the innumerable amount of rows there were in the corn field. For a distance she could see her footsteps with deep, prominent pressings.

“Oh my god” cried Gilanda

“I wasn’t be handlin’ nother day in this immense heat!” cried Gilanda

This corn field extended for miles.

Gilanda was really instantaneous at picking out the best corn in hurriedly action, almost as if society were about to end.

“Oh my Lord” said Gilanda, who’s feet were slowly submerging into the damp wet ground.

From a far Gilanda’s owner yelled out: “Move faster!”

Gilanda looked at the man with repugnance, hoping for him to silent.

Gilanda’s owner and Gilanda didn’t have an ethical relationship, as for the owner used to constantly remonstrate about how of a horrible job she had done, and that she was useless.

Gilanda overlooked for the person who she was, all she cared about was the money.

Gilanda was paid a penny an hour. This amount of money wasn’t enough money to put food on the table.

The owner who was: Bill was upset at the fact that she turned around ignoring and neglecting what he was saying.

From a distance, Gilanda could hear the vigorous of Bill’s footsteps walking in the mushy, damp ground, ready to show a piece of his mind to Gilanda.

Gilanda was scuttling along the field from left to right.

Gilanda had the gut feeling that she was about to be smacked for her unnecessary act.

Bill said: “Come over here”

Gilanda said: “No”

Bill replied by saying, “What in the world, you said to me?”

Gilanda who was sobbing softly repeated what she just said.

Although she wasn’t supposed to say anything, she voiced her sentiment and beliefs.

Bill had hurriedly approached her, ready to smack her with his grimy hands that consisted of corn-glucose.

Just then, the smack across her face had happened.

Here lie a horrific moment.

Bill replied by saying, see what you get for being Mrs. Smart mouth” Gilanda’s face was red, with clear visibility; you could see the repulsive mark of Bill’s hand imprinted on her.

Gilanda’s face read many expressions from exasperation, to grieve, and dismay.

Bill yelled out to her: “Get the hell off my corn field, you no-good idiot.

Gilanda had a basket full of the corn skins, so she threw it directly into Bill’s face, almost like Bill was incarcerated for his bad doing.

Honestly, Bill should have to suffer the major outgrowth.

Here stood Bill with shock, ready to explode like a tic-tocking grenade.

He was sooo angry!

Pieces of corn-skin were caught up in Bill’s hair, and his face was so stern, red as a ripe tomato.

Bill chased Gilanda down the mushy corn field ground and disappeared into the horizon.

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