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Thoughts I had as I listened to my girlfriend chat in Dutch with her mother.

Submitted: October 28, 2013

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Submitted: October 28, 2013



Something about her face changes when she doesn’t speak English.

More relaxed. Genuine. Not really having to think as much about

What she might have to say.

More animated.

Letting the words roll off of her tongue and

Onto the person she’s speaking with

And it makes me think;

Will it ever be like that with me?

Will I ever get to see this face looking at me,

Speaking with me,

With my brain understanding?

Nodding, not giving her one word

Responses to questions that I currently

Have to think and translate in my head

Before I can even think of saying something in reply?

Will what I say be right?

Can I do this? Learning this grammar

These words this…


Because her voice becomes so rich and her face

So much more natural.

And I hope one day I can see that,

With the smile that she gives only me.

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