infinite eyes

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just one ordinary day.

Submitted: December 11, 2007

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Submitted: December 11, 2007



Look at nothing and close my eyes in front of the infinite,

My mind jumps through the invisible window.

Follow the ashes in the time and coldish wind

Many questions sent to the geometric web ,

Broken glass falls on the side walk cuts my feelings,

and the rain cleans up all the wet memories in time.

Shoot one imaginary dog in the street in my paste life.

God doens't exist on this contemporaneous world,

just look at the window through the infinete eyes.


These eyes in front of th imaginary horizon line

Crossed the green field of my childhood life,

Born and reborn like ashes of a Fenix bird,

Wings of wishes,and perfect muscles of Adam.

So bright and dark this single universe is.

Take me back to the center of life,

Where the time vanishes to the center of the river.

by airton

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