Don't Turn On The Lights

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This is why you should be afaid of the dark

Submitted: January 06, 2012

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Submitted: January 06, 2012




It was a cold saturday night and the rain was splattering against the window of the bedroom. Julie was putting on her make-up because she and her boyfriend were going to a party. When a knock came on the door, Juliejumped alittle then answered thedoor to find herboyfriend standing in the doorway,hegave her a quick kiss.

"Are you ready to go babe."

"Sure, just let me grab my coat." Julie answered.

She grabbed her coat and said goodbye to her roomate,who had been ill due to a bad cold for several days andwas thereforestaying the night.

Julie was about to get into her car when she realised she had left her purse in her roomates bedroom, she ran back to her house to retrieve it. When she entered the bedroom, her roomate had turned off the lights and it was pitch black. Julie didn't want to wake her up so she didn't turn on the lights and fumbled around in the dark looking for her purse. As she searched, she could heavy breathingin the dark, Julie assumed it was her roomate suffering the effectsof her heavy cold. Once she found her purse,Julie quietly closed the door behind her andheaded to the party.

That night, Julie's boyfriend invited her back to his place for the night, she agreed withhim but felt she should warn her roomate. She phoned her but got no answer so she texted her saying that shes sayingwith her boyfriend for the night.

The next morning, Julie headed back home, however when she got home,the househad been sealed offby the policeand was surrounded by shocked people. When Julietried to enter the house, she was stopped by a police officer.

"Sorryma'am, this area is closed of..."

"Excuse me but I live here, what the hell is going on!" Interupted Julie. The officer brought out a sheet of paper from his pocket. "Are you Julie Buckley."

"Yes, whats happened."

"Miss Buckley, please step over the line." Julie pushed passed the police officer and ran into the bedroom and her stomach turned as she saw her roomate brutally stabbed in her face, in a state of shock Julie ran into the bathroom and burst into tears. Suddenly fear gripped her as she read a chilling message writtenwith red lipstick on the mirror: "LUCKY FOR YOU THAT YOU DIDN'T TURN THE LIGHTS ON OR IT WOULD HAVE BEEN YOU AS WELL!"

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