Attractive Places in Pakistan for Tourists

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The article is about tourism in Pakistan,the honeyports in Pakistan and also problems that tourist face here.In the end there are some recomendations about how to solve these problems.

Submitted: July 23, 2013

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Submitted: July 23, 2013



Attractive Places in Pakistan for Tourists

There are many beautiful spots in Pakistan. There are hill stations and there are many historical buildings there are various opportunities for tourists of all tastes. People visit places and cities and love being there but there are a few places that leave a lasting impression on the minds and hearts of a man. Pakistan really is one such country that can keep a tourist’s heart with it forever. One of the most beautiful mountainous regions in the world the Himalayan range where some of the highest peaks of the planet are seen talking to the skies are here in this country. Peaks like Goodwin Austin (K-2) and Nanga Parbat are two of the roof-tops of the Earth and attract thousands of nature-lovers from all across the world to Pakistan every year.

Gilgit-Baltistan and KPK areas are also extremely beautiful and charm the visitors from various parts of the country and from outside the country as well. The Skardu Valley displays such splendid colours during spring and summer seasons that can never be forgotten once seen. These are the scenes that attract tourist to visit these places.  On the other hand there are historical places in the country and is an attraction for the tourists as well as historians.

Tourists, from within the country and abroad, like to visit the northern areas most of all. Their scenic beauty and charm are comparable to the best in the world, say, in Swize3rland. The Hunza valley in the north is close to the famous K-2 and Rakaposhi mountains, among the highest peaks Tourists stay in motels and go on long walks, also attempting mountain climbing. The historical sites and cultural centres like tombs of famous saints and museums also attract a great number.

In recent times the tourism industry of Pakistan has been in severe crisis, the major reason being terrorism in the country. Pakistan has been a victim of terrorism since Independence but after 9/11 when Pakistan agreed to join U.S in the war on terror, the incidence of terrorism in the country increased substantially. That is the reason of disaster of tourism industry in Pakistan. Tourists do not feel safe coming to Pakistan anymore. Many of them were kidnapped for ransom while others were just killed.

In the end I would like to add my suggestion about development of tourist industry in Pakistan, First of all people should join the government in its efforts to crush terrorism. Secondly, the government should improve the law and order situation in all possible ways, and all sorts of facilities should be provided by the government in hotels and guest houses. We should have the best international standards of tourism in the country by following these suggestions.


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