Dancer of Fire

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..."I have set him on fire,
just like you have set my heart ablaze"...

Submitted: May 21, 2008

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Submitted: May 21, 2008



I run through the lush forest,
Leaving scorch marks every step that I take.
My hair flowing, dark and shimmering, in the sunlight—
My eyes, the color of the sun, when it sets—
The anger that burns within me is so great,
That I can feel tingling through out my fingers.
My mind wanders…
He will find me,
And put a damper on my day.
He will take the pain,
And smother it,
My heart will melt away.
He, is the god of melody and rain.
I will not stop for anything,
For he is fast on my heels.
“I do not need you,” I say to him, in his mind.
“Yes, you do,” he pauses, “to survive.”
My anger has reached its limits.
I run backwards, while doing so,
I create a door of fire.
I stop running,
Scattering leaves all around me.
Nothing but silence…
I hear a cry in the distance.
I have set him on fire,
Just like he set my heart ablaze.
I am Ash,
Dancer of fire.
My anger is what drives me,
To be destroyer of those I love.

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