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I don't think this would be a short story, but more of true life. I encourage you to READ THIS, and think about your own life. Do you know where you want to go?
People inspire us everyday, but how many of us can say, "I knew that person personally." I mean, we all say we knew them personally, but do you?
I new this guy named Michael, who inspired me to follow my dreams, don't let anyone tell you to be of this world because this world is so corrupt that it seems generation after generation is getting worse. they listen to what society says, instead of listening to reason. something I will always remember him saying to me is,"Spend time in prayer, and you will be like the dove, flying into the sunrise."

Submitted: May 23, 2008

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Submitted: May 23, 2008



Someone who has inspired me to be who I am today is Michael. He is now twenty years-old, and is a college student at­­ *************** in **********.
Michael was struggling with trying to find himself in this world. He would write poetry about what the world would be like if he was gone. His poetry was more of a suicide note to those who loved him, gave up on him, and left him sooner than expected. Even though his thoughts were of death and a longer to be put to rest, his only wish was to be in peace, to be set free! Michael felt his only purpose in life was to be born and then to die.
I was in Huntington wandering around Pullman Square, getting my usually chai’ tea latte when I looked out of Starbucks and saw a guy playing a guitar. Some people know how I am. I hear music and can not help, but be a little curious about the person playing. So, I did what I always do; found the source and sat down near him on the park bench and listened.He played music like his heart was on fire, and it felt like he needed to just let go, become free. I got to know Michael better, and we became friends. We kept in touch through email and the telephone, considering he was not from the east coast.
Michael began writing poetry to me about a month or week a two after I met him. At first his poetry was about love, and the goodness life has to offer; but then things went down hill. I am not sure what transpired his work of suicide, darkness, or discrimination, still until this day, but whatever it was, the outcome was not good.
One day, I got an email from Michael. It basically was a poem about being in oblivion and wanting to be rescued from havoc. I went deeper into the poem, and kept asking him questions like, what are your thoughts of a love lost and what does true freedom mean to you? Michael, when I talked to him about these things, just let everything out, and spoke freely about his feelings. He told me all about the lacerations on his heart, how he had lost a love to cancer. Michael said she was eighteen when she found out she had the cancer, and right before her nineteenth birthday died. He told me how he as going to marry her, and had plans of settling down with a huge family. Michael also said freedom was a feeling of flying above the clouds. Worries of the past and tomorrow, gone. Being free to him meant having a since of peace.
As Michael was struggling though all this, I seemed to have trouble to. I had felt my life flash before me at one point. Heart wounded, from past history, no one there to calm my wrath. 
I did not know where I was going; in fact I did not care. My only thoughts were of independency. How all I wanted was to be like a bird and fly far, far away. This world was nothing but hell. How it only offered me temptations of a different kind: Lust, alcohol, lies, stealing, discrimination, and pride. The things that made me sick of being here.
Every night I would cry myself to sleep, afraid that I wouldn’t it up like my mother (in some ways, I was going in that direction). I felt there was no hope for a better future. I felt that my adoptive parents could do no good. I felt the only way to prove I was right, was to question God and curse him. 
I was foolish and wasn’t sure how to turn myself around. Deep down, I was shaken by my every thought of suicide. Deep down, I was tormented to no a veil. Deep down, I cried for help. I cried for someone to understand me, and to help me out of the abyss I had gotten into.
A few weeks later, I told Michael everything there was to know about me. I told him how I wanted more than this world, and how I was shaken by the fact, that I may never come out of this “Broken Dream”. I had let down my barrier, my first step to success.
Michael told me this world is corrupt, you could either be with it or against it. He told how to overcome the “evil”, and that was to pray. Spend time in prayer he said, and you will be like the dove, flying into the sunriseStop questioning God and his plan for you.  Look to him as your teacher, not as dirt under your feet.
We talked for a long time. I told him how I had over come, the shadows in life. He told me how he had found a new love, but would never forget his first love, and how he learned to breathe and live again. 
A year went past. I conversations on the phone stopped. Then, our emails to one another grew short, until finally we finally stopped talking.It has been a good year and a half, since we have talked last. It saddens me in some ways but in others it bring me joy, that some one like him, a stranger to me, would help me find my place in this world, and help realize, “you can run to the finish line, but you will never succeed in being first, if you don’t overcome letting people put you down”.
I never dreamed that someone like Michael, who was struggling to find who they were, would help me achieve my goals and capture my dreams. I believe God, was the one that brought him to me.

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