My Destination Full of Deception

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My destination contains nothing, but the morbid images of Deception and what he has done to me. "Know will be able to save me, not even Death, himself."

Baring my soul to you,
Means, losing my virgin mind,
To the depths of the pit,
Never, have I wanted to discommunicate,
My body as I do now.
Suffocating to no a veil,
I squirm, trying to fall away,
From what I knew,
My optimistic self, has vanished,
The content self, lies upon the floor.
Shattered dreams,
An outcast…
The depths, call my name,
But I turn and run towards,
My future destination,
Barricaded, form the world I knew,
The Shadows,
Taunting me, forcing me, to lose control,
The scraping of my nails,
Against the wall,
The blood,
Rushing and dripping,
Poison on the floor.
Help me!Someone, please help me.
No one comes, for no one hears me.
My destination, contains nothing,
But morbid images of him, Deception,
And those he has taken, into the lands of fantasies…
Deception, wraps his arms around me.
The hotness of his breath against my ear,
Causes me to stumble and close my eyes;
I prepare myself to hit the surface hard.
As I land, I feel nothing,
But his body pressing against me,
The awareness, I have of his nakedness is overwhelming.
I begin to push him away,
But he holds me in place,
Kissing my lips aggressively,
And nibbling greedily, upon my breast,
Gasping, I squirm,
Trying to get free,
But he holds me down, feeding…
I feel the wetness between my legs,
Begin to drip, I moan,
As he begins to bite and play with my body,
As if, it was an instrument.
I begin to stop fighting.
My heavy breathing,
Echoes and bounces,
Off the walls of nothingness,
He spreads my legs,
Holding them in place,
With the pressure of his hands,
I gasp, at the feeling of him in me.
He slowly goes deeper, reaching,
But pulls out quickly,
Causing me,
To dig my nails, into his skin,
His blood, begins dripping on the floor,
Making sizzling noises,
Poison flows heavily, in his veins.
Even though, we are different,
I will not die, for I am Life,
She, who produced the thorns upon the rose…
He grasps my thighs even tighter,
As he, begins in his element,
Causing me to arch my back and scream!

I close my eyes,
All I see, the face of he, who I love,
Death, staring at me, no emotions,
Come from the surface.
I open my eyes,
Pushing Deception away,
With all my strength,
And crawl, towards the wall.
The pain, I feel is so great,
That tears fall from my face,
As I rock back and forth…
“Help me!” I close my eyes.
“Please, someone help me…”
My destination is full of Deception,
No one will be able to help me,
Not even Death himself.

Submitted: February 25, 2008

© Copyright 2023 Aisha. All rights reserved.

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Wonderful! I could actaully feel the true sting of your poem!..I invite you to my profile sometime. ^^

Mon, February 25th, 2008 6:21pm

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