True Destiny

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This is a story of love and finding one's true destiny.

Submitted: May 30, 2008

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Submitted: May 30, 2008



The rain drizzled down my car window shield. It was now or never, I thought; there was no turning back. How was I going to face him? How was I going to be able to look at him, without crying?I was a shamed. I had crept out of the bed that I had shared with Cory for only six months. I had not intended this to happen, but the feeling still burned within my soul, the feeling of love and a longing to know if Mitch still loved me as I did him. 
I had left the house about midnight, and it was now thirteen minutes, after one. I looked up at the apartment building from my car window. A light dimly lit the room that he stayed in. Mitch was still awake.
My heart pounded in my chest. I wrapped my black silk robe tightly around my body, turned off the ignition, and took a deep breath as I stepped bare foot out of the car. As the door shut I took off running, around my car, to the building. 
When I got to the door, I just stared at the button, I needed to ring. Tears poured slowly down my face. Lifting up my hand to ring the bell, the door opened.
An Elderly woman stood in front of me. I didn’t know what to do, so I just stared in to her young eyes.
“Sweetie, your not doing in good standing out here, waiting for him to come to you,” she said in a groggy voice, then she smiled, “ you must go to him if you wish to succeed in finding your true destiny.”
My mouth dropped, as my legs just began moving forward. I walked to the stares, but as I began to take a step up them, I looked back to say thank you; the elderly lady was gone, and the door stood shut. That is strange, I thought.
I wiped the tears from my eyes and a smile caressed my face as I thought about what she had said. Was this my true destiny?
I ran up to the second floor and made a right; as I got to the end of the hall way, I slowed down. I stopped in front of apartment number seventeen.  I lifted my hand to the door, and let my palm rest on the cold surface. I closed my eyes, just for a second.
Mitch turned off the television, in his two bedroom apartment. Something inside of him pulled and tugged upon the strings of his heart.Ever since he went to Lisa’s and Cory’s wedding, he had been having guilt trips. When the minister had said is there any objections to this couple being joined together in matrimony, Mitch just wanted to shout, yes, there is because I am in love with her
The look in Lisa’s eyes when he had seen her in her lovely, silk, white gown, told him every thing. Lisa still was in love with him. 
That had been six months ago. Things could have changed, but he would never know. 
Mitch dropped the remote to the sofa, and stood up to stretch. As he was about to walk into his bedroom, he could here movement outside his door. He just stared at it for what seemed like forever. He listened even closely. The slight sound of a hand touching the door gently, made his heart pound in his chest.Mitch grabbed his black t-shirt, hanging on the coat wrack and put it on. He walked over to the door, but stopped himself from opening it. There was no peep hole, so he couldn’t looked to see who it was.Instead he just leaned up against it, and could feel the warm coming from the person’s body on the other side of the door. 
I turned the handle of the door. It was not locked, but something stood against it so I couldn’t push it open. I tried pushing it again, and it opened slightly. I looked up and I saw blue eyes, staring at me. I stood back and the door fully opened. 
No one said anything. You could only here the sound of rain, and the rolling thunder outside. 
I stepped forward, “Mitch I—” 
Before I could get the words out of my mouth, he came forward, and sealed the silence with a kiss.
“Lisa, I love you and always will,” he wrapped his arms around my body, and carried me into his apartment.
As the door shut behind us, the elderly lady appeared again. A smile lit her face, as she said the words, “A love that is true, is a love worth finding. Destiny awaits us all, but what will be our fate.”
 She disappeared for eternity. Never did I see her again, or get to thank her for what she did for me. I will always remember the lady who helped fulfill my true destiny.


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