In The Future

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thoughts of my future, what happens next

Submitted: May 13, 2008

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Submitted: May 13, 2008



In the future,
I see myself
But nothing more
Do I really want to know?
Would that be too much comfort?
What if I am well off?
Would it be better to know
No matter what
I would end up there?
What if life
Deals me the hard blows?
Would it be better to know
No matter what
I would end up there?
Or would I crumble
What would be the point
To work so hard
To fight so hard
And only end up
Reaching so pathetic a low?
Should I be idealistic?
The journey will be worth
Whatever I am handed
 Surely not
Never in every case
But am I truly handed what I receive?
Could some be chance?
A tad of luck on the zenith?
Or can I earn what I am given?
Perhaps predestination has a clause
Effort is somehow measured on a scale
One way
Then another
Is one better than the other?
Does my ache
Yield to my desires
When my effort is exhausted?
What if I never put forth
Such an effort
Do my desires become irrelevant?
But say,
When I feel my efforts exhausted
Are they truly?
Is there some reservoir in my being
Preserved for the moment when
So offhandedly, I’m served defeat?
Do I get what I need?
And not what I want?
Can I get what I need
In place of what I want and feel satisfied?
Is there a way to be happy with what I want
And not what I need?
And if I get what I want,
What I need
When I’ve done nothing
Do I deserve it?
Is this the reason why
I should be grateful
For every bit I have?
Or maybe
I’ve done something
Of which I’m not aware?
Somehow altered my mindset
Unaware, performed
A feat deserving of a reward
Is it a game?
Can I cheat the system?
Is this why those
Seemingly undeserving
Reach so high a position
Did they find the truth
Behind the uncertainty?
Is the uncertainty
The certainty of responsibility?
Is the fact we’re responsible
For our actions
All that separates us
From truth?
Is there a really truth?
Can we really know the truth?
Find the truth?
In the future
I see myself
and seek nothing more


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