Present's Past

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You're supposed to learn from mistakes, not let them overtake you.

Submitted: February 01, 2008

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Submitted: February 01, 2008



The fork in the road becomes a four-way split as I struggle to grasp at the thin straws of reality dropping in when I feel myself further slipping into the void. Imaginary forces keep me as upright as is possible, but as happiness has been robbed from me, the will to remain as I do flees through every opportunity chance unlocks.
I take one way, unsure of which is it, and my vision becomes clear. I realize the course I’ve chosen, yet I continue to stumble down another of my taken paths. I know where this is headed, the general direction in which I’m going, but it’s impossible to stop. Broken dreams and shattered hopes lead me down the familiar, always hoping to reach the other side cleansed of myself.
A tired sigh.
Anguish dislodges the rocks above, the dangers hurling down toward me as I stagger along. Then there is contact. The pain forces me to the ground, to gaze hazily at my leg, flattened beneath the grey mass.
An avalanche, and I can barely breathe. Agony shoots down my spine, throughout every living part of my body. And now I watch it fall, the final rock, the last sight of my existing life. Rough edged it slows, taunting me, playing with the terror I cannot control.
Now there I’ll remain, bloodied under my fears, my inadequacies. The worthless self, what I was, lies there to stay buried under the rubble of my present’s past.

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