Is the Teen Age Really Worth It?

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I was very obviously thinking a lot when I wrote this.

Submitted: July 09, 2012

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Submitted: July 09, 2012



Why do we think that a teen life is easy? Is it because we are still growing up? Is it really worth it to be a teenager?
Is it worth it to dream? To think of how our future will play out?
Is it worth it to believe in a painful relationship? To believe the bruises and swear word will end and think it'll get better?
Is it worth it to stand out? To believe your voice needs to be heard?
Is it worth it to dress like little whores? To try and attract guys that only want to get into your pants?
Is it worth it to lose your virginity? To exude the fear of the possibility of being pregnant?
Is it worth it to do the drugs your friends make you do to be cool? To get so high you overdose and end up getting caught?
Is it worth it to skip out on adoption and abortion? To keep the baby and destroy your chance at a good future?
Is it worth it to be pressured into good grades? To do so only to please those around you and meet their expectations?
Is it worth it to speak up? To help the people who will only hurt you back?
Is it worth it to even try? To get through the day when you don't think you have a life worth living?
Is it worth it to tell your story? To tell the tale of how you survived your past?
Is it worth it to brag? To believe that everyone will be impressed by you, even if it doesn't matter?
Is it worth it to be beautiful? To attract the attention that only strives for the way you look?
Is it worth it to love, only to lose it? To discover that true live doesn't come to those who are searching for it?
Is it worth it for me to write this? To tell you about all these things that really aren't worth it?
Is it worth it to believe that what I'm telling you now will help you? To believe that these words will reach you, and that my voice will be heard?
I want this message to reach those in need. For it to reach into the hearts of teens so that they'll understand and realise that all the stupid stuff you do, it isn't worth it. None of it matters. You really just need to be your self. No one else's opinion matters but your own, so why don't you just go for the goals you can set for the immediate future and be who you want to be. Don't live in the shadow of others, live in the light of yourself!

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