What will be your legacy? Success Secrets

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What will be your legacy? is a powerful poem which is taken from a collection of inspirational poems titled provocative poems. This collection of poems is a highly provocative collection of motivational poems which challenge the reader to harness their inner power so that they may use it to achieve more success in life. This particular poem highlights the importance of legacy. It shows how our behaviours can not only effect our success or failure tomorrow but also our childrens' success and failure. It touches on many topical issues such as relationships, parenting, friendship and financial intelligence. It is a must read for anyone who enjoys inspirational poetry or inspirational material.

Submitted: March 28, 2009

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Submitted: March 28, 2009



What will be your legacy?


Do I wander through life aimlessly?

Wild, reckless, inconsiderate

Unmindful of the consequences of my behaviour

Do I run wild in a savage stupor?

Pugnacious, belligerent, impolite

Unconscious of the altitude of my ignorance

Unaware of the latitude of my negligence


Leaving a trail of scarcity

Along a path of regret

Leaving years of psychological scars

In the repressed minds of distressed adults

In the misguided souls of troubled youths


Will I leave disillusioned children?

Angry and confused

Shameful and misguided

Lost and astray

Crying for direction

Weeping for guidance

Longing for unconditional love

Grieving for sound judgement

For I taught them not a lifetime of wisdom

For wisdom was not important

For I offered them not sound advice

For I never took life seriously

For I taught them not discipline

For I was reckless and immature

For I showed them naught but a drop of love

For my selfishness knew no bounds


Will I leave disappointed partners?

Bitter and frustrated

Troubled and wounded

Disturbed and injured

Wishing for sincerity

Longing for honesty

Praying for fidelity

Yearning for faithfulness

For I killed their trust

Due to my shamelessness

For I eradicated their hope

Due to my disrespect

For I damaged their faith

Due to my infidelity

For I destroyed their confidence

Due to my deception

For I killed their self development

Due to my ignorance


Will I leave appalled individuals?

Disgusted and revolted

Unconcerned and apathetic

Sarcastic and scornful

Mocking my ignorance

Sickened at my negligence

Horrified at my irresponsibility

Deriding my financial intelligence

Appalled at my selfishness

For I disrespected many good folk

In the name of humour

Mere mockery in fact

For I abused much kindness

In the name of friendship

Sheer exploitation to be precise

For I never listened to others

In the name of intelligence

Simply arrogance no doubt

For I spoke ill of people

In the name wisdom

Purely foolishness indeed

For I was impatient with the most enduring

In the name of progress

Clearly mental commotion

For I was unforgiving with the most compassionate

In the name of truth

Conceitedness in fact


Fatherhood was not my forte

For I struggled to maintain my youth

Relationship was not my aspiration

For I disliked commitment

Friendship was not my goal

For I detested disagreement

Education was not my focus

For I found it a bore

Investment was not my desire

For I cherished the consumer lifestyle

Responsibility was not my wish 

For I cherished excitement and folic

Discipline was not my want

For I enjoyed ease

Devotion was not my focal point

For I choose carelessness


So what will you leave?

A story of inspiration through your achievements

A fable of love through your affection

An account of devotion through your loyalty

A description of success through your diligence

A portrayal of courage through your chosen path

A depiction of wisdom through your experiences

An illustration of happiness through your humour

An image of resilience through your adversity

A report of wealth through your acumen

A tale of nobility through your actions

A myth of grandeur through your life of contribution


Let us all be remembered

For the lives we touched

For the people helped

For the wisdom we shared

For the stories we told

For the laughter we initiated

For the love we gave

For the affection we showed

For the good role models we were

For the communities we inspired

For the youth we guided

For the hungry we feed

For the needy we assisted

For the success we created

For the risk we took

For the world we changed

Let us write down our stories

Let us tell our experiences

Let us record our tales

Let us share our struggles

For our children

For our grandchildren

For generations to see

For generations to hear

As a source of hope

As a source of wisdom

As a source of guidance

As an example of our legacy

So what will you leave?

H Aitoro www.real-success-secrets.com

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