Town of Loss

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A story about a cowboy who meets a spirit

Submitted: November 25, 2011

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Submitted: November 25, 2011



With the sun blazing high in the sky and the hard drought in the air, Toby enters the town of Pendra. Quiet and gloomy, this town is full of memories of people. People who are no longer living. Loved ones shot down or hanged ten feet high. Their souls still can be heard in the wind.

As Toby's horse Yodel trots through the town he gets nervous. He starts to breathe heavy and his body starts to shiver. "Shh. Nothing to be spooked about", Toby reassures Yodel.
Yodel is not so convinced. He keeps his ears erect and his big brown eyes watching everything. Making sure any movement he sees just in case he needs to run.

Climbing off his horse, Toby dusts off his leather cowboy hat that was handed down to him from his father. Looking around he sees a few people walking the dirt street. All stopping and looking at him with fearful eyes. Not knowing if he is trouble or not.

Walking into the Penda's Hotel, Toby is greeted by Mr. Louis, "Howdy!"
"What happened here?" Toby asks the elderly fragile man.
"Oh, same old same old. A group of young men rode through a few weeks ago and shot down bunch of women, men and children." Mr. Louis gives Toby a warm beer.

As Toby looks through the dusty cracked window he sees a small boy. Thin and pale with no life in his eyes. Covered in dirt and dried blood. Staring right back at him. "Thats Michael. He's dead." Mr. Louis informs Toby.
"What? Dead?" Toby with wide eyes. "But I can see him!"
"Most of the people killed in the town never left. Their souls stayed to protect the town. The town that died a long time ago except for the few of us left alive. Even with the drought you can feel a deathly cold breeze pass by every once in awhile" Mr. Louis explains.

Walking out from the Hotel, Toby watches the little boy stare at him. All of a sudden he sees a matted brown dog run to him. He realizes that dog must have been his dog when he was alive. Michael picks up a rock and throws it about ten feet for the dog to fetch. The dog brings it right back and drops it.
"Whats his name?" Toby asks him.
No reply. Just the dead cold eyes staring at him. He figures maybe spirits cant communicate since they arent alive. He taps his boots on the wood to get the extra dust off them. Leaving a foot prints on the old flat stairs.

"Come on Yodel", Climbing into the saddle, "Lets keep on moving."
As he trots out of town he feels the cold breeze Mr. Louis was talking about. Something that can make the bravest men get nervous.
Before he is fully out of town he turns and looks. Right behind him he sees the little boy with his dog. Toby climbs off Yodel and looks up and down the boy. "What are you doing following me?"
The boy hands him the rock and whispers, "Please take him home with you. As long as he has a place I can finally rest in peace."
Toby with his jaw open takes the rock and throws it for the dog. The dog brings it right back to him. As Toby smiles and was about to turn to the boy, he was gone. Almost like he was never there. Never existed.
"Guess its you, me and Yodel now." He looks at the panting dog and gets back in the saddle.

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