Confession of A Broken Soul

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This story tackles about the battle between good and evil, who will win or who will take over one another. It is somewhat the reason behind why some person chose to be bad and mischievous. Sometimes they don’t have any choices but to do awful things because evil has taken over their mind and soul. Confusions take place and so their evil mind conquer the integrity of their heart.

Submitted: March 25, 2012

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Submitted: March 25, 2012




am Chase, a twenty- five year old lad who had a lot of secrets that should be buried six feet under ground. But I know I can trust you so I’m telling this to you – only to you. Be with me as I journey back to my past.

I grew up living on the streets. I never met my parents. According to Nay Sela, she saw me on the river side near her shattered hut when I was a baby. She took care of me but she was killed when I turned seven. From then on, I learned to do all the bad things to survive - robbery, drug pushing, assassinating and other illegal jobs. The cruel world made me mischievous. I thought life was really like that. But my visions changed when I met Sir Gabby. He was a missionary. I can’t remember how we’ve met but one thing is for sure, he left something inside me. It seems that I finally saw the light in my entirely shadowed world. His words became my salvation. I went with him to his mission and I met his companions.I suddenly felt the light feelings of tranquility. I finally have a family. I’m finally home.

But the most excruciating things happened and I wasn’t expecting it. We were having a meeting at Sir Gabby’s house when the front door burst open and unknown men came rushing with guns on their hands. Our mouth fell open in horror. Every one of us had a look of mingled fear and surprised. They grabbed us and told us to put our hands on our head and knelt on the ground. I knew them. They were B lad’s people, my former boss. They wanted to kill me.

“At last, I finally caught you. You scum! It’s been so long. And you cannot escape this time cause I’m gonna kill you. My boss will be very happy if he knows you’re dead.” Arturo, the leader said while pointing the gun at me.

“Who are you? What do you want from us! “Sir Gabby asked trying to sound braver than he was. Arturo faced him.

“I don’t need anything from you. We just want Chase dead and because you’re with him, you’ be dead too.”Arturo answered while getting the knife on his jacket’s left pocket and turned to me again.

“I’ve heard that you’ve change, Chase. You’re kind and good now. But I don’t believe it. A devil will stay devil forever! And a devil should act like this. Watch me!” He uttered and grabbed Sir Gabby’s arms.

“No, please. Don’t hurt him. I will do anything you want. I’ll go with you. You can kill me but please don’t hurt him. Don’t hurt them. Please…. Spare them their lives. Please!” I pleaded but they never listened.

“It’s too late, Chase! We don’t need you anymore. You’ve done enough and you will regret that you fought against us.” He expressed and turned to Sir Gabby.

“This won’t hurt. It would just rip your feeling, your skin.” Sir Gabby screamed helplessly as Arturo pierced his knife in the flesh of the missionary’s arm. The scene prompted my deepest trepidation. One by one, Arturo slashed Sir Gabby’s skin, exposing his flesh into the earth. I can’t do anything to save his life. There were guys holding me so tight that all I can do is to shout and cry. A vulnerable man was killed heartlessly in front of me. I saw him grasp for his last breath while struggling in pain. I felt a terrible pressure squeezing my heart and a great rush of hatred but I tried to calm myself by closing my eyes and pray silently.

“Oh, God! Please don’t do this to me. I know I’ve been bad before but I changed. I’m trying to follow your footsteps now. Please…. Help me….. Lord…. please…… Have mercy.”

“What now? Chase, what are you going to do? How does it feel being a sore loser?” He made an evil laugh. ”…Now, you know the feeling of the people you’ve killed before. You’ll experience it…soon. You have time to enjoy the remaining minutes of your life. Savor it because you’ll be next.” Then he laughed again and turned to Sir Greg, one of the missionaries. Three innocent lives were taken and I don’t want to add another. My chest was heaving with rage and frustration as my head jerked sideward and the wild monster inside me was roaring. I’m wrestling with sudden madness. I couldn’t think of the right thing to do.

“If God doesn’t want to help me then I’ll call for the devil. If you’re listening, I will give my soul to you if you saved us all.” A note of hysteria was in my voice. I felt the bizarre sensation of strength. It seems as though I have the power to do everything. I pushed the guys who held me, grabbed their guns and shot them one by one. Every bullet I released was payment for the killings that they had done. I stopped shooting until their lifeless bodies lied flat on the floor. I still felt the anger bubbling in the pit of my stomach. Sir Francis stride forward with his hand outstretched and calm me. After some minutes, police came rushing in and went straight to the ten bloodied bodies scattered on the ground. Everything ran fast that I don’t know what happened next. All I know was that I’m trying to suppress the unpleasant memories. I’m trying to digest the monster truth of what happened. I was imprisoned for a month but the court dismissed the case when they found out that I was just protecting our selves from those roguish guys.

Now, I don’t know myself anymore. I was torn between the good and the bad. My soul was in doubt what to pursue. I can’t control myself after I sold my soul to the devil. He wanted me to spread dreadful things on earth. Even if I don’t want it I have no choice because the devil reigns my body. I was a demon’s prisoner roaming around and spreading wicked things. I exist to rip your restraint and ruin your whole being. Beware. •


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