The last man

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Is the last man in the world really alone?

Submitted: October 31, 2015

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Submitted: October 31, 2015



The day was calm and quiet. The wind was blowing softly, and the world was still. There was no life in sight. Stores were closed, and parks were silent, houses vacant, and roads empty. There was no honking, screaming, or whispers, everyone was gone. The grass had overgrown, the vines had climbed the buildings, everything was abandoned.

Animals, men, women, even the children, they all faded. There was no warning, there was no sign, they just disappeared one day leaving the man behind. It was years ago when it all happened, but he couldn't get over it. One day everyone was going about their daily lives, working, playing, arguing ; and the next day no one was left.

Where did they go? What happened to them? Why did they disappear? These questions haunted him throughout his life. Even now that he was on his deathbed, the man wanted to know why only he remained in this lonely world. He was old and dying, and he knew his time was up. Even if no one was to mourn his death, or any one to remember him after he took his final breath.

He laid on the bed alone, waiting for the moment that his miserable existence would finally end. Life was not a thing he had enjoyed, it was full of sorrows and disappointment, heartache and misery. He never met his significant other, he never married, or became a father. Even the chance to see his sisters, his brothers, or visit his mother, it was gone. They all left with the others, leaving him in this cold world to suffer.

These last few moments of his life he spent contemplating why only his presence remained. Had he been spared? Or had he been left behind to pay for his wrongdoings? He could feel his heart rate slowing down, his eyes grew heavy. He knew his suffering was almost over, and he was completely ready. If only he got to hear the voice of another human being, he thought, one last time.

A yell was heard from the street "Is anybody here!" it said. "Is anybody alive!" He wanted to scream "I'm here!" Finally he heard the voice of another living creature. But why now? Why after he drank the poison and lay on his deathbed? He tried to get up and finally see a person again, but it was in vain and only managed to fall on the floor. On the floor he laid, cold and sad, tears running down his cheeks. The time had come, and his eyes finally closed.



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