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A sneak peak of a future chapter.

Submitted: October 02, 2014

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Submitted: October 02, 2014



We got out the car as soon as I opened the door Ivory rushed past me and grabbed my hand \"Let's watch the news.\"

I didn't have anytime to reply she placed me on the couch and turned on the Tv to the news channel. The news ticker displayed a message.

I silently mouthed it to myself. \"Breaking news! The Governor has set up a live broadcast. We will tune in to what he has to say in a few minutes. I turned facing Ivory.

\"Ivory what are you doing?\" I ask surprised while still in a foul mood.

\"Just watch!\" Ivory asked with a wide smile that made me regret asking.

My nerves nearly made me jump out of my own skin. I could just see the FBI at our doorsteps because of what Ivory did. The few minutes felt like eternity as we waited to hear the news.

The news channel switched over to the governor broadcast. He just stepped up to the podium. My heart began to pulsate quickly. As I'm preparing for the worst outcome possible.

The Governor began to speak. \"I have done some things... I'm not proud of. From embezzling money that's suppose to be used to fix our public schools, being bribed by the upper class of NYC, to put heavy unjust taxes on our middle class, Needless to say I am an easily corrupted politician. My recent charges however is inexplicably inconceivable. I have murdered my wife and son... with... this blade.\"

He placed a blood stained sword on top of the podium. (It was the blade that Ivory gave him)

\"So now I feel I am unworthy to live.\" He shouted out. Grasping the blade with both his hands. high in the air just as the blade connected to his throat. Ivory shut off the Tv. I'm stunned on what I just saw. She burst out into laughter.

\"Brilliant, Brilliant what a performance! Who knew he would have gone out in such a anti-climatic ending. So what do you think Akuma?\"

What do I think? I am pissed off. \"People lives aren't a game, you can't just play with people lives!\" My words came out with far more passion then I realize.

Before I knew it, I was standing up. \"You don't feel any sorrow or heartbreak towards the people you kill?\"

I stared at her intensely. Clinching my fist tightly, as my nails pierce through my skin. Trying to get my point across to her. Her look pierced my heart, as her smile faded away from her face.

\"Vawn do you believe what I did was evil?\" I thought about her question for a bit.

\"Well, ya I would consider it evil.\" Ivory crossed her legs.

\"Why would you consider what I did evil?\" The question kinda stumped me.

\"Well because you killed an innocent man without any justification.\" Ivory face began to waver from anger to a brief smile.

\"Innocent man? You know all I did was encourage him to tell the truth, before I order him to kill himself. Everything besides the part where he said he killed his family is true. So before you start throwing the word \"innocent\" around make sure you know the person of whom you are trying to protect.\" She stated in a quiet, logical manner.

She stood up and walked past me. Stopping inches away from my face. \"By the way before you call me evil, remember this well Akuma. There is no such thing as a justification for killing. No matter what the society, you grew up in taught you.\" Her tone got high. \"There is no JUSTIFICATION FOR KILLING, killing is just that... taking another person life... don't try to justify that, by attaching, a so called reason to kill. (She walked towards me stopping just inches away from my face, her voice changed into a low whisper) Remember Akuma you also killed someone.\" Ivory words struck me deep. I'm speechless. \"When you get your head out of the government's ass and ready to uncover the truth for yourself, you can come talk to me.\"

AUTHOR NOTE: I will not be publishing anymore Mani content sadly. Thank you for all the support honestly it has been very helpful. Hope you enjoy this!

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