Nine Point One

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The final heat of a skateboarding competition.

Submitted: July 13, 2008

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Submitted: July 13, 2008



The beeper sounds. I drop into the half pipe and start on the vert section. I work up some speed with some 180 airs before pulling a 540 cannonball. The crowd cheers and I get that buzz I need to slam a fakie noseslide on the opposite lip. They go wild for my skating and I drop back into the half pipe – not for long though. I decide to hit the street section of the course and start off with a sketchy kickflip to 5-0 on a low rail. Barely landing tricks gets you nowhere with the judges in these competitions. I have to win it back with my hardest trick but I still have another 30 seconds before the heat ends. To stall for time I get up some speed and manage a 360 flip over a tiny funbox. I can’t believe I got enough air to land that trick off such a tiny box. I seek out my target for my final trick while pulling a tail manual for a few seconds. I give the board a few more pushes, ride up a quarter pipe and bust out a 180 benihana to get me into my normal stance from the fakie stance I was in before. I approach the kicker with some mad speed and pop a ripper heelflip off the top, landing on my favourite rail with a noseslide, I quickly flip the board over so I’m grinding on the griptape with my feet on the trucks and pull off the perfect darkslide just before the beeper signals the end of the heat.
The judges' scores out of ten come up on the screen, they cancel out the best and the worst mark and give me my average for the final heat. 9.1. Good enough to win it!

I throw down the PlayStation controller onto the couch and jump up; beating my brother at Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater certainly has its little thrills.

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