Because of a burrito

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This is I guess a free style poem written while I am at my worst withering in pain and sorrow and all because of a burrito.

I suppose I should elaborate more in this poem takes place after a guy brakes up with his girl friend and the only thing she can really remember after the brake up is that she was eating a burrito ergo it was the burritos fault.

Submitted: January 14, 2015

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Submitted: January 14, 2015



Each beat of my untrustworthy heart was one thousand stabs of pain each word I say over and over wont take the pain away but still I say them as tears run down I don’t dare wipe them away.


My head is on fire, my heart slams against my ribs the pain sending me too my knees as nothing I have ever felt before I have been betrayed no hero comes to save me and god has turned away.


I wrap my arms around me to try and stop the pain but it is all around me and I will never feel the same.


The tears are now like acid my heart a blackened shell what ever light was in it has seeped away to hell I am broken and alone no hero can save me now.


My demons are beside me telling me “all will be okay”  


But I know that they are lying cuss this heart of mine is dieing and I will never be the same.


I want to disappear as my enemies draw near not wishing them to see my shame my mind is screaming “Make them pay, they should not have made you feel this way!!! Kill, Kill, and kill!!!!”


But I know that, that is my demons speaking yet still I am weeping alone to face my pain

And all because of a burrito, a burrito caused my heart to break; I suppose it was just the final straw.


The last piece to a growing hay stack that caused the stack to blow away I reached out seeking someone to help take the pain away but they all left me weeping, all alone today.


Will you help take the pain away?

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