The killer of Killers (882)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
some content may not be deemed appropriate for young readers contains blood, violence, and profanity.

This story is a story about a man who lives his life doing bad things the man is known as the debt collector and what goes around comes around. one day after completing a job he is returning home only to wind up meeting the deadly vampire who calls herself the killer of killers.

Submitted: January 08, 2015

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Submitted: January 08, 2015



The leaves crackled under my feet like an old piece of trash that I might tare up and discard I laughed for no particular reason at all as I trudged through the forest on my way home from taking out the trash.


There was a snap behind me of an old branch or stick I whirl around my pistol drawn and ready to use “who is out there!” I yell the blood still hardened on my fists from the guy who wouldn’t pay.


An owl flew over head hooting as it past and I laughed again “just a da* owl” I say as I put my gun away and continue down the path it is not like I was afraid of the woods to the most part I was the reason most people stayed away the debt collector.


The wind blew past me and I froze the crease of the wind felt more like a cold hand rubbing against my check just the wind Jake, just the wind I think but not sure if I was being convincing after all guys like me we make enemies.


I continued walking till I heard a woman’s voice singing her voice in the wind sounded like it came from everywhere at once and yet also like it came from no where at all she sang something about darkness and shadow torture and pain but all that maters is knowing the targets name that is the part I remembered.


I drew my gun again “okay you little B**ch why don’t you come out of them woods” I yell cursing at myself when I detected a bit of fear in my voice a laugh echoed through the trees as the wind brushed by me again and once again it felt like hands only this time the wind took my gun.


“What the h**l” I say as I stare at my empty hand I look back down at my holster and my gun is there I sigh with relief “must not have drawn it after all” I say as I make sure to take it out of the holster I felt relived to have the weapon that had taken so many lives in my hand.


I continued forward if I was walking a little faster I might not have noticed until I stopped by a tree rubbing sweat off my forehead a clear sign that panic was starting to set in I new the sign well for time after time I was the one making others sweat like this.


I stopped in surprise while I was lost in my thoughts about my past a women had stepped out in front of me she wore a long white dress that blew in the wind her head was down so I could not see her face and her long silver hair blew in the wind she had no shoes on and I found that odd.


I studied her more as I got closer making sure my gun was aimed at her she seemed harmless enough the girl looked like she was maybe sixteen her pail white skin almost glistened in the moonlight and she was a head shorter then me putting her at five feet.


“You lost little lady” I say as I put up my gun she just stood there the wind blowing past her making her seem almost transparent for a second her head slowly began to rise and it did not rise up high enough for me to see her eyes it ruse just enough that I saw her mouth her blue as a corpse lips parted revealing long white fangs suddenly I had my gun out again.


My heart threatened to leap out of my chest calm down Jake just a crazy Goth girl I think but I quickly shut out that thought “if she was Goth the dress would be black the hair would also be black not white and silver” my brain screams.


Before I can make a decision the girl vanishes from sight like the wind my mind screams as the wind brushes past me once more followed by a sharp snap at my wrist my gun clatters to the ground as I grit my teeth from the pain.


I have been in worse pain I think as I bend down to pick up my gun but before my hand touches the lovely black metal I am launched painfully backward and slam into a tree I scream out in pain as I stare down at a twisted broken branch that is now sticking out of my stomach.


“What the f*ck?!” I yell out as I painfully pull my body with my one good hand off of the branch by the time I fall the five feet to the ground I am bleeding profusely from my wound and several other smaller wounds and I am gasping for air.


I swivel around after I hear a laugh behind me and I am looking up at the girl she is sitting on a branch high in the tree staring down at me with eyes that seem to swallow up my soul her eyes are all black except for a little tiny speck of red in the center I shiver in fear.


“Oh f*ck, f*ck” I say as I try and look away from those eyes but they trap me in a snare and I can’t seem to move “you have been bad, you have killed Jake” she says in a voice that sends my hair standing on end.


“Well I am pretty d*m sure your no saint little miss” I snap out as I wince in pain I smart man would probably run, no an innocent man would have ran and I was guilty.


“You killed seventy people if you count the ones that are in comas” she said with a wave of her hand at least she was not attacking me at the moment I remind myself.


“Ya well you know so much about me and I don’t know a d*m thing about you” I snap out she smiles again and I see the fangs “okay I know one thing about you, you’re a vampire” I say as I take a step back.


“eight hundred and eighty two” she said I glanced up at her, “What did you say” I ask she repeats the number and I cant quite place why a number is so important she jumps out of the tree landing so close to me that I fall backwards onto the ground.


“That’s how many I will have killed after I kill you” she says as she lunges I scream but no one is there to hear me the only one who hears is the vampire.

© Copyright 2020 AJ fate. All rights reserved.

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