A World Without Batman

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The story of a young man at college who is bullied by his version of The Joker, named Brad Viner, and this his how he wants his revenge, by becoming Batman.

Submitted: July 25, 2012

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Submitted: July 25, 2012




A World Without Batman by AJ Mynde

Part 1

The Idea

Hello my name's Tom Sheryl and I'm 18 years old and I live in New York City, I read a lot of comic books and my favorite hero is Batman, I know that he has no power, but it's what he stands for what makes him like able to me. Take Superman for example he can't exist because superhuman doesn't exist in reality, anyway enough of me I'll tell you what happened to me today what got me on about hero's, so hear goes. Today I was minding my own business at college, when Brad Viner my enemy, The Joker to Batman, today he came up to me in the canteen, whilst I was ready one of my The Greatest Detective comics and knocked it out of my hand, when I went to pick it up, he kicked me in the face, I faced him and asked "Why the hell did'ya do that far", he only replied by a shrug of his shoulder's then pushed me the canteen floor, as it is in our college they don't do they just watch, there was no staff around only the canteen staff serving food. As I walked away from him he then started mocking me saying such things as "Comic bummer, and No lifeo" I mean only a moron would come up with these things. When I was at home laid in bed it got me think why can't Batman exist, hell if I was strong enough I would be him, the thought of this went through my head a couple of time, I went to the point of even logging onto my laptop and looking on eBay for a suit. As I was looking through the hundred of pages of Batman suits, I then found one from the Dark Knight movie which was basically a prop from the movie, but it was £900. Different ideas started running through my head, even buy it off my fathers credit card, but the most logical idea that came to mind is that I could make one my self.

Part 2

Items Required

So the next morning I awoke from my sleep, opened my eye's, slowly got up from my bed and walked over to the window and opened my curtains, I opened my window, and stood at my window for about five minutes looking out at the morning sky and breathing the morning air into my lungs and then I turned around dropped to the floor with a huge thud, I heard my father shout up stairs, "What's going off up their", I shouted back down to him "Nothing dad everything's fine", then I started doing press ups like Bruce Wayne had did in the movie Batman Begins. Afterwards when I finished doing the press ups, I got ready, went down stairs and had breakfast, and told my parents that I was just nipping into the city today, as they agreed I put my spoon down and rushed for the Number 28 bus to into New York. As the bus was just getting into the city I noticed a weapon's armory in the corner of my eye, I told the bus driver to stop, and he told me to sit down and wait for the next stop, I had to think fast, and the first thing that pop to my head was, "stop my dog just got ran over" the bus driver stopped but only to tell me to shut up and sit down, so as he was telling me this, I pressed the emergency door button and let my self off the bus and ran over to an ATM to get some money out from my card then made my way down to the weapon's armory. As I entered the weapon's shop, the cashier was looking at me all the time I was in their, I found a few items that could help me with my suit, such as bullet proof vest, and a balaclava. I took the items to the counter and as the cashier was serving me he was still looking at me in one of them what the fuck you up to ways, as he finished serving me I walked out of the shop and headed to the New York City Mall, where I went into the NC clothes store and bought some black gloves, trousers, and hooded jacket. Then when I had all of my items head back for the bus.

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