The Time Traveler's Shoe's

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I am addicted to Sci-Fi and Time Travel as you can see in my first short story called A Loop in Tyme, that was just me trying writing, these are my story's of trying to get into writing, so if you like comment, or tell me please.

So this new story is about time travel and what time travel can do, and how it can effect us, so enjoy.

Submitted: July 25, 2012

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Submitted: July 25, 2012



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The Time Traveler's Shoe's

Chapter 1: The Shoes


The date was 12 July 1890 in Greenwater Village, and John Goldfrey who had a family at his home, and also was a street beggar because they had little income and he also was on the run from the police for stealing a pair of shoes from a man named Edward Paul The Third, who believed the shoes held a powerful curse of some sort, but unbeknown to Edward that John had put on the shoes started running faster a blue beam of light surrounded him and in a flash of light he was nowhere to be seen at all, the police noticed the flash of light from around the corner and came to investigate but they found nothing except a piece of ragged material laying on the floor where John had vanished. John who the police put out posters for his arrest was no where to be seen, in the following months John's heavily pregnant wife Susan who he left whilst she was pregnant, who he left on that night, gave birth to his son George John Goldfrey. As the years moved on and no sign of John ever coming back, Susan fell ill and on 22 December 1890 passed away. No one was there to look after George, until a lightening sound downstairs was heard and a voice calling for "Susan, Susan, I'm back, Susan" the voice grew closer to the door, and the wooden door sung open, and John was standing in the opened door, he walked over to her bedside and called her name again "Hey Susan, I'm back dearest" she did not awaken, and John shook her body slightly, but still no response, he slowly reached for her neck, to her her pulse but there was nothing, he started to cry and mumble closely holding her in his arms, "You shouldn't be dead, you don't die my love, you live" cried the devastated John. John walked out onto the hallway, to hear the cry of a baby, he walked over to the door the cry was coming from and opened the wooden door, to see his son laying in a battered cot, he held his child in his arms and said "I'm sorry, I will fix everything". 

As he didn't want to leave his son alone in the wet and damp house all alone he quickly packed some of his sons belongings, and a few of his own, and went down stairs and walked towards the kitchen, and gathered what was left of some chicken and bread and then made it for the door. He went to the orphanage that he could remember being there when he was last in 1890, and knocked on the door and he waited with his son until someone answers, he banged on the door and said "Someone answers please". As he was about to walk away, an oldish woman in an housecoat appeared slowly making her way to the door and answers "Hello can I help you" said the old woman, putting her classes on to take a good look at the man stood on the front porch, "Yes, can I leave my child hear, with you" he replied, "Yes, but you will have to go through the correct procedures, "I have no time for this" he stuttered to the old woman. He then put the baby in the woman's arms and then ran down the steps and onto the street, where he ran down the street and round the corner, he then turned back and said "I will be back for you my son", then he ran forward down the dark and gloomy street, then in a flash of light was gone from sight.

Chapter 2: Out of Time


The year was 12 July 1960, and there was a street with children playing, cars parked, and people sat out on their deck chairs in their front gardens and round the corner on Temple Street there was a flash of light, all the people in the street and in their gardens noticed and stopped and stared, and from the street appeared a man wearing a long black ragged coat which also had a bit of the coat torn away, all the people stared at the man for a second and then went back to their activates. The man was in fact John who had actually traveled forward in time, John looked very puzzled at the time and walked over to one of the gardens on the street and asked someone "Where am I", as the man looked at John with a puzzling stair, replied "What", "Where am I, where is this" John replied again, "What you been smoking" said the man with still a puzzled look on his face, "Smoking, I don't smoke" John replied, "I want to know where I am" John said again, "Well, I don't know you, but you have defiantly been smoking" replied the man with a laughing tone in his voice, "I HAVEN'T BEEN SMOKING", shouted John, "Ok ok calmed down, your in Greenwater" replied the man, "What, what, but, I can't be" John said while looking round at the surrounding area "Well, you are, now I think it's time you left" said the man, "Ok, I'm going" replied John in quiet voice. John took another look around the street and then walked down the street, he stopped and asked a man where, Moore Street was, the man gave John directions. John following the directions came to a street with only a few houses that looked all the same, John walked down the street and went into one of the houses gardens up the pebbled path and knocked on the wooden door, a young man answered the door, and said something that startled John, "Hey John", John looking shocked and puzzled, stuttered to the man, "H-H-How do you know my name", "Well you have been my neighbor for 10 years" replied the man, "I have" said John once, "I have, I have, Sorry" said John a second time, then John walked back down the path.

John walked round to the next house, before entering into the garden stood at the wooden gate for a minute or so, then entered and walked slowly up the gardens concrete path to the front door, he stood on the front porch for about a minute until he knocked on the door, he saw a figure slowly moving towards the door through the doors frosted glass, as the figure came closer and closer John became more nervous, the figure got to the door and the door slowly opened and appeared from the door an oldish man around the age of 70, his first words to John were "John, why did you knock, you could have just came in" the man said with a rough voice, "Come in John" he said to John. As the man walked into the house, John following him, "Take a seat John", he said. John followed the man into the living room and sat on one of two wooden chairs in the living room, as John was sitting down the man said to him, "I know who you are you know", "Yea, who" John replied, "D-Does the name George ring a bell" the man said, "Tha-Tha-That's my son's name" replied John, looking up to the man nodding to John, "George" said John "Yes" George taking a pause and after saying "Dad". "How do you know me" John saying with relief, "Well you told me and man everything", said George, "Wait, wait, hold on, so where am I now and who Is John" replied John, "You and mam are dead, and buried in the Greenwater Cemetery, and John is my son, I named him after you" replied George. George and John took a walked to the local cemetery, George and John stood for about five minutes looking at the grave stone of John and Susan, when John said "Great, can say I never thought I'd be hear", "Where" replied George, "Hear son, even calling you son felt weird ha, stood hear looking at my own grave stone", "Well your trip isn't over yet, dad" said George, "It isn't" replied John quickly, "Nope not what you told me and mam" George said to John. "What next then" John said with a puzzled look on his face, "Well you told me and mam, that you was in 1960 still and that a woman just had her bag stolen, so you chased after the man, and then you went forward in time again" George replied. A speechless John looked even more puzzled then before, and then said to George, "So I'm with you through your childhood", "Yes, you told mam all what happened, and I grew up with these stories from you" George said. John looking happy after the news that he now knows that he gets home to George.

Chapter 3: Coming Soon

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