Marcello's Little warrior

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Mythical structure about a boy who survived an attack but then over the years is turning into something dangerous.

Part 1 of the story
first ever story
hope you like it please give feedback and criticism thankyou

Submitted: May 31, 2015

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Submitted: May 31, 2015



Marcello’s little warrior

Hi I’m marcel but people call me Marcello's its Latin for little warrior, you are probably wondering why, well here is a little story,

ones upon a time wait lets start off properly it was a dark wild night of my birthday a night like any other me and my family just finished eating Chinese when there was I knock at the door there were 4 guys in suits asking for my farther so I shouted farther, farther the door for you. He asked who is it the guys barged through the door shouting for my farther my farther ran I chased them pushing them telling them to leave they pushed me to the floor and put a bullet through my chest, three days later I woke up in the hospital with only my mother by my side I had been In critical conditions turns out they beat me to and tide my mother to the table since that day my farther was never seen or heard of again.

Well that’s how I got my name anyway that’s not what this story is about this story is about me at the age of 18 three years after what happened with my farther.

I dream of killing, I don’t know why but I do.

I don’t think this is a normal thing for a 18 year old to be dreaming of such a thing for some reason I don’t think it is a dream, I think its memories coming back to me.

Since what happened the littlest things trigger something inside of me that I do not like I am a complete different person or creature, I am no longer loving or caring. I can not help what is inside be unleashed in anyway shape or form. When these dreams or memories happen its not fun, I feel pain like no other it feels like I am turning into something dangerous.


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Marcello's Little warrior

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