Angelic Wings

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Holly Sarath never questioned her beliefs, ever. It was clear what the answer was at 14. Until her best friend died, and she begins to question where she may end up.

Submitted: March 02, 2013

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Submitted: March 02, 2013



Holly sighed, gazing out the window. The sun was illuminating each tree in the woods behind her house, shining off the dew of early morning. On any other day it would've been beautiful. Gorgeous. She would have ran outside, ready to brush Coco's ginger mane and ride through the country fields simply to feel the warmth of summer and the horses silky fur on her legs. She would've ridden down the gravel roads to Isabelle's farm to find her walking Snow White, waiting for her.

But today, it was anything but. She could never go riding with Isabelle ever again. Snow White was in Coco's extra stable, probably crying and wondering where her master was. Isabelle was with God as of early this morning. Holly closed her almond jade eyes, remembering. She'd just finished packing her bag for school. She was ready to go when the phone rang, unusual for a school day. Her mom had picked it up, then rushed to her room. Holly had sat outside, a bad feeling shifting in her stomach. Her fears were justified when her mom had come out crying, saying Isabelle had been in a car accident and didn't make it.

Now she was up in her room, watching the wind bend the trees. Her eyes were puffy from crying, and her wild chocolate hair was hanging messily around her shoulders. All she could think about was Isabelle's perfect smile; her beautiful blue eyes and wavy blonde hair that seems to shimmer. She had been here just yesterday, laughing so hard her face had turned poppy red. She had given Holly a homemade necklace: a gold and silver horse on an elegant but sturdy silver chain. She couldn't be dead. The word didn't apply to her childhood friend. Isabelle was always smiling, always somehow in the spotlight, but modest. Larger than life.

She twisted that necklace now, more tears hitting the windowsill. How could God do this? Didn't be realize the pain it caused?

Suddenly she remembered a boy at school a few days ago. He'd said, \"If God were real, he wouldn't put us through pain.\" She never thought much about it, but now she wondered. What if it was true? What if Isabelle was just no longer...existing? Permanently deleted? What if the same thing happened to her?

She sat for hours, playing over possibilities in her head. Reborn? She saw that as cruel; who'd want to come back and not remember a thing? To walk as a ghost, watch over your family? It would be nice, but...

She looked again at her necklace. Whatever the answer, maybe God had given her Isabelle for a reason. An angel brought into her life that he had to take back.

It was a riddle. A riddle that had no answer. But somehow she knew, if she knew Isabelle: if there was an answer, she'd found it. And Holly would find out someday.

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